Texas: CN Quick Cuts

ISU is coming off a tough loss on the road to a ranked team.What better way to recuperate than visiting the defending champs to open the conference season? Contrary to common belief, the men in Cardinal and Gold can't wait to hit the field. In this edition of CN Quick Cuts, find out what these three native Texans have to say about going home, playing the Horns, and starting the conference season.

Quick Hit Men: Austin Flynn, Brent Curvey, Reggie Stephens.



It's All in the Execution.


Flynn: Your guess is as good as mine. We couldn't execute. We looked back on film and we had every opportunity. Whether it was receivers' fault or lineman's fault, it wasn't 11 guys doing their job. A dropped ball here, a bad decision, there it just didn't seem like we could execute.


Publicity is Ancient History


AF: That's all it is…is pre-season publicity. That doesn't win you ball games. That doesn't make a good throw or catch a great ball. All that is, is talk and we haven't done that or lived up to that expectation. But the exciting thing is we haven't touched the surface of our offense. All we can do is go up from here.


Moving On


Curvey: It was a tough loss. We'll look at the mistakes and try to move on. We won't dwell on it too much.


Texas Sized Challenge


AF: We're looking forward to the challenge. A lot of people on the outside think since we got beat by Iowa, our season is done. We're ready to play and get this loss out of our mind.


Reggie Stephens: It's always fun to go out there and play the best. We're looking forward to playing the defending Big 12 and National champs.


BC: You never know until the end of the game. I wouldn't count as out. Texas is a great football team as everybody knows, but you just can't run away from a team because of who they are. We'll go out and play them.


So You're Saying There's a Chance


RS: The only people that count are in our locker room. As long as we feel like we can go down there and win with that attitude, we've got a shot. 


BC: There is a chance in everything you do. It's about how you prepare and focus and get ready to attack the next game.


AF: Everyone on the outside doesn't think we have a chance. We don't have anything to lose. We might as well pin our hair back and go to work and see what we can do. We're looking forward to the challenge.


‘Home' Field Advantage


AF: It's exciting with my family and friends coming to watch and actually get to see me play in person, instead of on TV.


BC: It's always good to go anywhere close to home. I'll have my family there, just having them close by is always a plus.


BC: Being from Houston, I heard about Texas all the time. Luck of the draw, I'm up here at Iowa State and get to play against Texas. It's a dream come true as well.


Business over Pleasure


RS: It's always fun to go back home and see friends and family, but it is definitely a business trip. I'm looking forward to the challenge.




BC: It's the Big 12 conference and the race begins now. The non conference is out of the way, except for UNI. But now we can focus on the conference.



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