CN Interview: Anthony Brown Talks Recruiting

The Iowa State basketball program will have three guests of honor in town this weekend as Andre McFarland, Kenton Walker and Craig Brackins will all be taking official visits. To get an inside look on what McFarland and his teammate P'Allen Stinnett are thinking coming into the weekend, here is an exclusive interview with their AAU coach Anthony Brown.

Note: This interview took last week, before CN learned that P'Allen Stinnett rescheduled his visit for Oct. 21.


Williams: How did the guys like Idaho? What were their thoughts after the visit?


Brown: Since they've been back I haven't had a whole lot of time to talk to them about it but I know they did like it. We haven't had a chance to really sit down and talk about specifics. We'll do a little bit more of that after they get back from the Iowa State trip.


Williams: Is it a sure thing that the guys are going to end up at the same school?


Brown: No, it was never a sure thing. They would like to go together, but they understand that they are two individuals.


Williams: Are any other schools going to jump in and make a late run at either of these guys or is it only Iowa State and Idaho?


Brown: Quite a few schools are trying to come in and make a move on these guys. After Iowa State, we'll all sit down and make an evaluation and if out of those two, it's not what they want then they'll look elsewhere. But they'll have more to say after they get back from Iowa State.


Williams: If nothing else comes up, will they try and make a decision soon after that Iowa State visit?


Brown: Yeah, they should make a decision after they get back from Iowa State. There shouldn't be any wavering, unless they decide that they don't want to go to either one.


Williams: Are their any schools off the top of your head that are coming on strong and should get mentioned?


Brown: There are a bunch of schools that have called: San Diego State, Creighton, Seton Hall, Vanderbilt.

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