UNI Post Game: Jon Davis

Jon Davis had 117 receiving yards and the game winning touchdown on Saturday night. Find out what this senior had to say about the biggest game of his career right here in this CN post game interview.

Q: Can you talk about that touchdown, was kind of an up and go type play?


A: Yeah, it's called a 98 deep. 98 is a slant and if there's anything deep, you take it deep. That's what it was.


Q: It seems like here at home, at the end you either need a touchdown or you lose.


A: We were moving the ball pretty well the whole game so we knew that we could get back within at least field goal range. We realized that we needed to get a touchdown so we were comfortable when we got down there; it was just finishing the deal.


Q: It seems like to us that it takes being down quite a bit for you guys to open the passing game up, is that how you feel too?


A: Sometimes. We want to give Stevie (Hicks) the ball too because he can do some damage when he does get it. At the same time, I like to throw it. It's 50-50, whatever works for us, I'm fine with it.


Q: With all of these close games, do you feel like you're almost playing down to your opponent?


A: Sometimes you can say that, but then a lot of it is us. Penalties killed us today; we had a lot of stuff that halted our drives, that interception hurt us too. I put a lot of it on us, we've just got to come out there and focus no matter who it is that we're playing.


Q: Some of your other teammates said that you didn't take them lightly, but you didn't have any emotion in the first half.


A: We had a nice early drive to get up 7-0, but at the same time it just didn't feel the same. I didn't feel like we played down to our opponent.

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