McFarland: One Tough Decision

Andre McFarland was one of three MBB recruiting prospects in Ames this weekend taking an official visit to Iowa State. CN spoke with McFarland on Sunday night and talked about everything from academics to when exactly he will make his decision. Don't miss out on all of these MBB recruiting scoops. Check them out right here at

It now appears that Andre McFarland's official visit to Iowa State this weekend really helped out the Cyclones in the race to land this 6'4 swingman from the Brewster Academy.


Why? Well, according to McFarland, this visit made his decision between Iowa State and Idaho a lot more difficult.


"I have to talk to my family. Taking that trip makes my decision a lot harder," McFarland told CN on Sunday night.


So if the visit made his decision a lot tougher, was McFarland favoring Idaho heading into the weekend?


"I never had my mind set on a certain place to go to," McFarland said.


So obviously, McFarland's visit to Iowa State went great this weekend. One reason for that was the amount of attention he got when he attended the Iowa State football game against UNI on Saturday night.


"The atmosphere was amazing. People were out there chanting my name and that was really a trip," McFarland said.  "Walking down the street I signed autographs and everything. It was so crazy. I never expect that on the trip."


Heading into the weekend, Idaho looked to have a lead in the academics category for McFarland, who wants to enter the pre-med program. This just might be where Iowa State took the biggest stride during the visit.


"Iowa State gave me the same thing (as Idaho). It was just as neat," McFarland said about Iowa State's pre-med program.


McFarland visited with two of his good friends and Iowa State recruits, Craig Brackins and Kenton Walker. From the sounds of things, the trio had an outstanding time.


"All three of us are pretty good friends. We hung out the whole time and had fun laughing and joking with each other like we always do," McFarland said.


So the Iowa State visit is now in the books for McFarland. That means a decision is on the horizon, and could be made as early as this week. McFarland was very clear that his family needed to be involved.


"It's a very hard decision. Both of them give me the same things and it's a hard decision. It's going to come down to how my mom feels and how my brother feels," McFarland said. "I'm going to get a chance to talk to my mom and my brother. Then I'll probably take a little bit of time after that to see how I feel about it."


As always, CN will keep you updated on McFarland's recruitment throughout the week.

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