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Each and every week during the college football season, CN's founder Steve Deace will be breaking down his top 25 and delivering his thoughts on Iowa State as well. Check out what Deace had to say about week five of the college football season right here at CN.

1. Ohio State (5-0)…Remember what I said about the Buckeyes not looking dominant?  Scratch that, this is clearly the team deserving of the penthouse suite in college football.  They will play for a spot in the BCS Championship game when the Wolverines come calling November 18th.


2. Michigan (5-0)…Where is the weakness?  Mike Hart is the best tailback in the Big Ten, Mario Manningham is having an All-American year, they're solid in the kicking game, Steve Breaston is a threat on returns, and the defense is ranked in the top 10 in the nation.


3. Auburn (5-0)...The Tigers barely escaped from South Carolina with the victory, but got the victory nonetheless and they still have a very favorable schedule the rest of the way.        


4. USC (4-0)John David Booty made some nice plays and played well on the road without his biggest weapon.  However, Washington State may have shown future Pac-10 opponents how to attack the Trojans via the air.      


5. Florida (5-0)…You knew a program loaded with pride and tradition like Alabama would play hard in The Swamp, but the Gators still out-muscled them and kept its lead in the SEC East intact.


6. West Virginia (4-0)…The Mountaineers had the week off and now go on the road to play a SEC team.  Well, sort of, since that SEC team is Mississippi State.


7. Louisville (4-0)…Took the week off just like its fellow Big East powerhouse in Morgantown, and this week's opponent – Middle Tennessee State – might be worse than being idle.     


8. LSU (4-1)…Still think the Tigers might have the fastest team in the country, but if they lose to the Gators this weekend they would likely be eliminated from BCS contention already this season.  


9. Texas (4-1)…Sam Houston State?  Apparently Davey Crockett Tech wasn't available for a game.  The Red River Shootout at the Texas State Fair looms.  A win there anoints the Longhorns as the overwhelming favorite in a down Big 12.  


10. Oregon (5-0)…LSU at Florida will get all the attention this week as the nations headline game, but the Ducks waddling into Berkeley to take on the Bears could be just as big.   


11. Tennessee (4-1)…Before the season began it appeared the Volunteers would be in trouble this week between the Hedges, but the Bulldogs are struggling and a win here keeps the BCS hopes alive. 


12. Notre Dame (4-1)…By allowing a couple of garbage time touchdowns late and letting Curtis Painter play like Doug Flutie in the second half the Irish lost some style points against Purdue.     


13. Georgia (5-0)…The ‘Dawgs have a national championship caliber defense, but the ultimate outcome this season will be determined by the ability – or lack thereof – to develop a quarterback.     


14. Clemson (4-1)…A team one missed extra point away from thinking national championship.  And a team with perhaps the most explosive offense in college football.  Interesting game at surprising 5-0 Wake Forest this week.


15. Georgia Tech (4-1)…Quarterback Reggie Ball isn't making the big mistake anymore, Calvin Johnson is nearly unstoppable on the outside, and the defense is nasty.  Keep your eye on these guys. 


16. Oklahoma (3-1)…Are they finally over their Oregon Outrage?  Have they rediscovered their defense?  If the answer is yes to both of those questions they could upset Texas and turn their season around. 


17. California (4-1)…The Bears have been naming the score against foes since they got knocked out in Knoxville, and this week's track meet with Oregon is must-see TV if you like offense. 


18. Boston College (4-1)…Another workmanlike win for the gritty Eagles, who get 10 days off to prepare for a must-win situation at home against the Hokies on ESPN Thursday night primetime.     


19. Iowa (4-1)…The Hawkeyes simply got out-classed against Ohio State.  It wasn't mistakes.  It wasn't execution.  It was talent.  The reality is that this Iowa team lacks playmakers, and the Buckeyes were the first team on their schedule willing and able to expose that.  


20. Virginia Tech (4-1)…The Hokies flunked their first reality test of the season and got beat by Georgia Tech at home.  They'll get a chance after the bye to redeem themselves at Boston College on October 12th.    


21. Rutgers (5-0)…Ok, I'll admit it, I've sort of adopted the Scarlet Knights as my Cinderella team this season.  They're a great story and if you love your football old school watch fullback Brian Leonard for an entire afternoon.


22. Boise State (5-0)…Uh-oh, the Broncos' surprisingly convincing win at Utah means they've got a real shot to run the table and steal one of those at-large BCS berths from the big boys.   


23. Florida State (3-1)…Suddenly nothing looks for certain in the ACC for the Seminoles, not even a road game against former assistant Chuck Amato and his N.C. State squad. 


24. TCU (3-1)…The Horned Frogs got rolled at home by BYU and saw any chances they had of being a BCS spoiler evaporate.  Now they need to worry about maintaining their grip on the Mountain West Conference.   


25. Texas Tech (4-1)…So long Dennis Franchione, we hardly knew ye.  The Red Raiders' late comeback in College Station might have sealed the eventual fate of the struggling Texas A&M coach. 


Honorable Mention: #26 Missouri (5-0), #27 Nebraska (4-1), #28 Wake Forest (5-0), #29 Washington (4-1), #30 Navy (4-1).



The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly on the Cyclones

The Good—A win is always better than a loss.   


The Bad—Who we kidding with this question?  Did you see the game?  When does a win feel like a loss?  Right about now, in fact.   


The Ugly—Did you know that Northern Iowa lost to Division II North Dakota at home?  Did you see Pittsburgh rolled Toledo, 45-3?  That's the same Pittsburgh that got rolled at home by mighty Michigan State.  Did you see Nevada won 31-3 at UNLV?  The point of all this scoreboard comparison?  The point is that right now Iowa State has the worst resume in the Big 12 North for a team not playing for Ron Prince right now.  Winless Colorado has played better and smarter than the Cyclones have this season.  ISU has maybe one likely win remaining on the schedule, and that's at Kansas State.  ISU has done nothing and shown nothing all season long.  They flash at times, and then fade at most others.  There's something that is or isn't happening in terms of leadership, discipline, and/or chemistry behind the scenes that we're not seeing.  The next three weeks – Nebraska, at Oklahoma, and Texas Tech – will define ISU's season; and they might also determine the near future of the program.       


(Steve Deace founded Cyclone Nation in 2002.  He can be heard on the radio each weekday from 4-7 p.m. on 1040-WHO, and seen each week on television on Mediacom's "Cy-Hawk Talk: State of the Nations.")


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