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During each and every home game, the heart of Jack Trice Stadium is right where it belongs, in the student section. CN wanted to give the students of Iowa State a voice. Every week, wee provide subscribers with the CN Quick Hits section. Now, here comes CN's Student Sound Off. After the UNI game, I went inside the student section to get a stone cold reaction. Here's what they said.

The student section at a football game…there is no other place in a stadium, or the world for that matter like it. It's the only place where I've ever been when downing 14 beers before noon and acting like a complete, deranged animal is actually acceptable. In fact, it's encouraged. It's the only place in the world where you can openly curse, scream, and even regurgitate on the ground without even getting a double-take.


I admit, my description of the student section is not flattering, but trust me.  I wouldn't lie to you Cyclone Nation. There isn't a better place in the world to watch a football game, then the student section. The students might be obnoxious at points, they might even be just a little bit on the immature side, but I can guarantee you that they are one heck of a good time. 


After Saturday night's 28-27 Cyclone victory over the Northern Iowa Panthers, I decided to take a little stroll through the student section to give the students a voice to sound off on the football season so far.


Right now I'm trying to think of an adjective to describe this experience. Interesting comes to mind…that's an enormous understatement. Let's pull out the old thesaurus on this…




Glamorous…Definitely not the word.


Amusing…that works but not in this context.


Here we go…I've got it. Stimulating. Going through the student section after a one point win over UNI is a stimulating experience. Why? If you've ever sat in the Iowa State student section, you should know.


I got a little bit of everything from the students on Saturday night. I got some positive remarks, some negative remarks, some intelligent remarks and some flat out ignorant remarks.


My first victim is Tanner Overton, a native of Waukee, Iowa. Describing Tanner is easy; he's a very bold individual. He's opinionated, and he's passionate about his Cyclones. You might be asking yourself how I know that when I randomly picked him out of a crowd on Saturday. Well the answer is simple. Tanner came to me. He saw a tape recorder and he wanted his voice to be heard. Here's what he had to say…with my takes on his opinions.


Overton on the battle with UNI…


I never thought that UNI would even be in this game. A D1AA team shouldn't even be able to play with a D1 team. A D1 team should blow a team like the Panthers out, whether they are national champions or not. It's a totally different league.


My Take: I agree brother. D1AA's shouldn't come into Big 12 stadiums and almost upset quality programs like Iowa State. There's no beef between us on that statement. Mad props.


So this is the part of the story where Tanner…well…he gets bold.


Tanner on playing "not to lose"


I think that we always play not to lose. We need to use the talent that we have. We have one of the best receiving cores in the nation and we don't ever air it out. We always play this conservative game plan with a bunch of draws. We need to start airing it out more and playing to win instead of playing not to lose, especially against a team like UNI.


My Take: Ok Tanner…maybe I caught you at a bad time, but Iowa State only ran the ball six times in the 2nd half against UNI. Bret Meyer was 24-29 with 323 passing yards on the day. Do you want to just eliminate running the football from the playbook?


My next victim was Josh Robinson out of Ames, Iowa. Josh was by far the most positive student that I talked to after the game. He was a little harsh at some points, but he always seemed to find the light at the end of the tunnel.


Robinson on the UNI game…


- We should have won by a lot more. The little incident (Flynn fumble) at the end of the 4th quarter was a little bit of a problem but you know, we took care of it. It ended alright, that's what matters.


- We didn't take them lightly, we just had a few mistakes and that's to be expected. We took care of it this game. That's all we can hope for.


My Take: I love the optimism Josh…the Clones did win…and that is what matters.


Robinson on ISU's problems…


- We're a little bit too conservative towards the end. You know what, we're going to take care of everything by the end of the season.


- I feel like we sometimes play to our opponent's status. UNI, we didn't take them lightly but it shouldn't have been this close.


- It just seems like the defense is not stepping up in the right situations. We got it done today but we're just too relaxed throughout the game and we're giving up too many yards.


My Take: Alright Josh, we were cool until I heard you say "it just seems like the defense is not stepping up in the right situations." What do you mean the defense isn't stepping up? They held UNI to six points in the second half when the offense and special teams continued to turn the ball over. I agree, the defense isn't the stingiest one I've ever seen at Iowa State, but they're stepping up when the experience offense needs them the most.


Robinson on the season…


I think that we've definitely got our nuts and bolts under control, it's just when those clutch situations come up, we get a little too tense and make some little mistakes. We've got the majority of the game under control, it's just those certain situations where it really counts and everybody gets too excited. We're going to be alright.


My next victim was Brian Fager out of Atlantic, Iowa. Fager, like Overton says what he thinks.


There were some good things that happened. There were a lot of fundamental things that went wrong. We should have easily won this game. It shouldn't have been close. We better buck up and get back to the basics. We have to remember all of the basics. We need to wrap up our tackles and follow through on our blocks.


My Take: Fager had pretty good football knowledge. You could tell that he was a student of the game and that he was a diehard Cyclone, however, I question his choice of the phrase "we better buck up." I'm still trying to figure out exactly what that means.


And last, but certainly not least was Darren Kruger from Brit, Iowa. Kruger said a lot of the same things that the other gentlemen were quoted on, but this one stuck out to me.


The only problem I had tonight was when we ran for it on 4th down. With two yards to gain, we should have done a halfback pass or an option or something.


My Take: What a great quote. "We should have done a halfback pass."


That's why I love the student section, comments like that. If I said that on Marty and Miller or Deace in the Afternoon, I'd probably get laughed off the face of the planet. But you know what, wanting to run a halfback pass on 4th and two should reminds us all one thing. This game is fun. PERIOD.


A huge thanks goes out to the guys who I interviewed. You guys were awesome and the rest of you students, be on the look out. You just might be next.




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