Straight Shots From Welch Ave.

Let me be honest with you Cyclone Nation. Let's have a Cyclone to Cyclone chat. I have a deep confession to make. Well, the word confession makes it sound like this is hard for me to admit. Trust me, it's not. In fact, if any of you know me, you'll know that this is one of the most obvious traits about me.

So why not just let it all out right?


Ok, here we go.


I absolutely, positively, cannot stand Nebraska football. I know, I know, most of you out there feel this same passion towards the Hawkeyes. I, however, feel it towards Nebraska.


You see, growing up in a small town in western IOWA, which is largely dominated by Husker Nation, the endless taunts and complaints of being "screwed" by the refs really take a toll on a 12 year old kid.


Here's my beef. It's not all Nebraska fans. It's certain ones. If you're from Nebraska, have family from Nebraska or went to school in Nebraska, then I'm down with you. But if you are an Iowan, with no ties to Lincoln, then you're a traitor to your state.


Ok, maybe traitor is a little bit harsh. Traitor is a big word when talking about sports. Sports are fun, and so is this rivalry. But that's what bothered me the most growing up as a kid. I was surrounded by Husker fans, who simply rooted for them because it was convenient.


Why would you root for the Clones back in the day? They were a terrible football team. Iowa was a consistent 7-4 team up until the end of the Fry era. Why would you actually have pride and root for your home state? Oh I remember, they live an hour from the border and you could very easily root for a national title contender. Being a Nebraska fan is about as easy as cheering for the boat to sink in Titanic.


Luckily, I never fell into that trap. I grew up essentially feeling that Husker fans were about as annoying as those shirtless hippies playing hacky sack outside of the Parks Library. Just like hearing native-Iowa Huskers rip on their own state's teams, those hippies get on my nerves.


One thing is for sure, to me at least. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, like sticking it to Nebraska, the new or old regime.


Ok, now I have to be even more honest with you and not to mention a complete hypocrite. I have to give the Husker Nation some love. I have never been to an opposing team's stadium where I was treated with more respect then in Lincoln, Neb.


Those people are a class act, most of them at least.


Last year's game was before my prime here at CN. I attended the game with my father and we went on to tailgate with a lot of the Cyclone players' families. We more or less got out of our car, and dozens of Husker fans were shaking our hands, offering us drinks, and just flat out having a good time.


I know I was hard on them in that first section of this column, but that was to a distinct section of the fan base.


If you ever want to go watch the Clones play a road game, go to Lincoln. Not only will you see a big time college football atmosphere, but you'll get treated with a ton of respect from people who absolutely love the game of football.


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