CN Pick Five - Week 6

Every week CN's staff will pick the outcomes of five meaninful games in the world of college football. A running tab will be kept throughout the season and plan on guests pickers as well along the way. Check out this weeks picks right here at CN.

Steve Deace – CN Founder (21-4 on the season)


Iowa State over Nebraska - A bit of a homer pick here, but the Cyclones always pick themselves off the mat when they're getting dissed, and right about now is a good time to do that.


Texas Tech over Missouri – We need Tech to win this game, and while many national pundits think this will be the Tigers' coming out party, you have to show me first.


Texas A&M over Kansas - Expect this to be a shootout, and for the South Division team to win.


LSU over Florida - The Tigers simply have the better defense.


Oklahoma over Texas - With two weeks to prepare the Sooners will make

Colt McCoy beat them, and I don't think he can.  This game puts Adrian eterson in your lead Heisman ballot slot.


Chris Williams – CN Publisher (22-3 on the season)


Nebraska @ Iowa State – I hate picking the Cornsuckers, but I have to. I don't think that Iowa State's defense will lose this for them, heck nobody is expecting anything out of them. It's going to be the offensive inconsistency and a lack of a killer instinct on offense that will lose this one for the Clones. If however, the offense that we all know the Clones has shows up, Iowa State will win. Still, I like Nebraska 31-21.


Missouri @ Texas TechMissouri is NOT for real, we find that out this weekend. Tech 38 Missouri 20


Texas A&M @ Kansas – To me, this is a tossup. Kansas has to have a ton of confidence brewing after last week's epic comeback in Lincoln, but I have to go with the team with more athletes, which is A&M. 27-20


LSU @ Florida – I don't know why but I have a good feeling about this Florida team. It's in the Swamp, so why not? Florida 20 LSU 10


Oklahoma vs. TexasI don't think this will be nearly as good of a game as everybody is making it out to be. I like the Horns in this one by double digits. 34-21


Luke Vander Sanden – CN Ambassador/Former ISU Team Captain (20-5 on the season)


Nebraska @ Iowa State - ISU wins a tough hard-fought game.  Turnovers are the answer in this year's game.  ISU 35, Nebraska 31

Missouri @ Texas Tech - Mizzou is having s so called "outstanding year."  Too bad because Leech and the Red Raiders will be delivering an air assault like they always do...Tech over Mizzou 42-14

Texas A&M @ Kansas - I like Kansas in this game after seeing last weekend's performance in a close game between two Big XII North foes.  Kansas 21 Tex A&M 10

LSU @ Florida - Florida keeps on improving and winning.  Florida is led by a solid performance from Leak.  Florida 34 LSU 17

Texas vs. Oklahoma - The Red River Shoot Out is here, and Texas has Oklahoma's number once again this year.  Texas proves why they should be one of the top programs in the nation.  Texas 35, Oklahoma 17


Jack Whitver – CN Ambassador (19-6 on the year)


Nebraska @ Iowa State - Iowa State finally finds its offense, wins shootout 37-34


Missouri @ Texas Tech - Texas Tech uses home field advantage to squeak by Mizzou, 27-21


Texas A&M @ Kansas - Texas A&M keeps fighting for Coach Fran's job, beats KU 24-21


LSU @ Florida - LSU offense can't match up to Florida's, Gators win 20-10


Texas vs. Oklahoma - Defensive struggle until OU pulls the upset, 14-10



Brent Blum – CN Columnist (21-4 on the season)


Nebraska @ Iowa State - Nebraska. I hate to say it, but it's going to take a big night out of the ISU offense to win this one. Nebraska is going to put up some ridiculous numbers. Nebraska 38 Iowa State 35.


Missouri @ Texas Tech - Texas Tech. The Mizzou bandwagon careens off a guardrail in Lubbock. Leach rolls Pinkel. Texas Tech 34 Mizzou 21.


Texas A&M @ Kansas - Texas A&M. This is for Franchinone's job. Aggies win an ugly game. Texas A&M 24 Kansas 20.


LSU @ Florida - LSU. It is my unsubstantiated belief that all SEC games end 17-14. LSU 17 Florida 14.


Texas vs. Oklahoma - Oklahoma. Texas hasn't sold me on being a top-tier team without Vinceational Young. OU has questions too, but they have A-Pete. And A-Pete makes up for a lot of questions. Oklahoma 27 Texas 21.





1st- Williams @ 22-3

2nd (T)– Blum & Deace @ 21-4

4th – Vander Sanden @ 20-5

5th - Whitver @ 19-6


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