Nebraska Post Game: Bret Meyer Q&A

During Saturday's 28-14 loss to Nebraska, Iowa State junior quarterback Bret Meyer threw for 262 yards and one touchdown. After the game, Meyer spoke with the media. Find out what he had to say right here in this CN Q&A with Bret Meyer.

Q: How frustrating is this loss?


A: This is really frustrating just based on in the 2nd half, how many chances we had as an offense. Our defense played their butts off. We didn't do our part and me being the leader of the offense, it's not a very good feeling right now.


Q: Did you get a good look if Flynn was able to get his feet down on the call?


A: I really didn't. I couldn't see everything. I don't know. With Todd's catch on the pass interference call, either way, I couldn't really see both of those.


Q: Did the officials say anything to you one way or the other?


A: No, I didn't even ask anybody.


Q: How much did those calls take out of you guys?


A: Obviously when you have a touchdown called back, it takes something out of you but we had some penalties and there was a missed throw by me with Todd in the end zone so we can't put it on that. We had too many chances.


Q: The Coach talked about how 14 points just isn't going to get it done.


A: Yeah, it's not. Like I said, our defense played their butts off. With as many veterans as we have, we should be putting up a lot more points and we're not doing it right now.


Q: How tough is it when you're the leading rusher on the team with 20 some odd yards?


A: Yeah, part of it was that we got behind. We kind of had to be one dimensional but obviously you want to establish the run a little bit more than that. Like I said, part of it was that we kind of got behind. We had to throw the ball a little bit more.


Q: You're in the middle of a gauntlet of a schedule right now. What does a game like this teach you about your team?


A: It just shows you where you are. We're halfway done with the regular season and we know where we are right now. The defense gets better every week. They showed that tonight. As an offense, we are what we are and we just have to come back, get to work and go at it.


Q: What do you have to do to be more consistent?


A: It all starts on the practice field. That's the main thing. There have been games when we've made plays in the clutch and we just have to do that all the time.  

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