Deace's Weekly College Football Top 25

Again this week our founder ranks the top teams in college football. Oh, and if you're looking for his weekly rant on the Cyclones that's usually included he had so much to say after the Nebraska loss that this week that's a whole story unto itself.

If I had a vote in the AP Poll

1. Ohio State (6-0)…The Buckeyes just toyed with Bowling Green, and will likely be toying with the rest of their opponents as well between now and the November 18th visit from that school up north.

2. Florida (6-0)…Impressively out-slugged a physical LSU team in The Swamp and now must ready itself for a visit to play what should be an angry Auburn squad. If the Gators run the table against this schedule they shouldn't have to play in the BCS, we should just give them the national title.

3. Michigan (6-0)…For the first time since 1973 the Wolverines have opened a season by beating every one of their opponents by at least 14 points. However, they're on upset alert for this weekend's primetime visit to Happy Valley.

4. USC (5-0)…Another solid win without any style points for the Trojans, who aren't nearly as good as they've been the past four years but still might be good enough to run the table against a schedule minus tough road games.

5. West Virginia (5-0)…The schedule of the nearly season-long bye continued by rolling hapless Mississippi State and rolls on this week against hapless Syracuse.

6. Tennessee (5-1)…Overcame the emotion, crowd, and hot play early from the home team to post an impressive win between the hedges. The Volunteers have earned a day off this weekend.

7. Texas (5-1)…The Longhorns all but clinched their second straight Big 12 title by coasting to victory late in the Red River Shootout and now it's a matter of needing BCS help with some more upset losses in the top five.

8. Louisville (5-0)…Continues to chug along with backups at key positions against underwhelming competition. Shouldn't get much of a fight from Cincinnati this week, either.

9. Auburn (5-1)...Suffered perhaps the most shocking loss of the season. It wasn't so much that the Razorbacks pulled the upset as much as it was the margin of victory and the ease in which they pulled it off.

10. Notre Dame (5-1)…How good are the Irish? They still haven't played a great 60 minutes of complete football in a game this year, but they're second half schedule is so soft it might not matter until Thanksgiving weekend.

11. California (5-1)…It's now officially a two-team race in the Pac-10 now that the Bears have been golden against both Arizona State and Oregon. Can they finally get over the hump against USC?

12. Georgia Tech (5-1)…Nearly suffered the kind of letdown loss at home following a big road win that has been their pattern in recent years, but this Tech team looks different.

13. Missouri (6-0)…It's official, these Tigers are for real and notched the rare road win for a Big 12 North team over a Big 12 South team. However, they're on upset alert for this week's visit to College Station.

14. Clemson (5-1)…Keeps overcoming injuries and all kinds of other adversity and just keeps on winning. They shouldn't face any adversity this week against Temple as a 43-point favorite.

15. Arkansas (4-1)…Houston Nutt saved his job and the Razorbacks turned their entire season around with that shocking win at Auburn. They should be 7-1 heading into a road game at South Carolina on November 4th.

16. LSU (4-2)…Being the best two-loss team in America is little consolation to a program that had legitimate BCS and SEC title aspirations heading into the season and now is playing for the Capitol One Bowl at best.

17. Oregon (4-1)…Got simply out-classed in Berkley and couldn't overcome the rare adversity of coming across an opponent that actually was wearing brighter uniforms than they have.

18. Georgia (5-1)…Have we ever seen a Mark Richt coached team collapse like that? The Dawgs led, 24-7, and then lost 51-33 at home to Tennessee. They'll take their frustrations out on Vanderbilt this week.

19. Iowa (5-1)…It's rare that you dominate a team while surrendering about 450 yards of total offense to that opponent, but that's what the Hawkeyes did by rolling over Purdue and rediscovering their running game.

20. Rutgers (5-0)…Sneaky road game at the always-underrated Navy this week for the still undefeated Scarlet Knights.

21. Boise State (6-0)…A Thanksgiving weekend trip to Nevada could be all that stands between the Broncos and an undefeated season as well as that long-elusive berth in the BCS.

22. Virginia Tech (4-1)…Don't look for the Hokies to seriously challenge in a wide-open ACC with road games at Boston College, Clemson, Miami, and Wake Forest still remaining.

23. Boston College (4-1)…The Eagles' now face the defining stretch of their season against Virginia Tech and Florida State back-to-back.

24. Oklahoma (3-2)…The Sooners are now at a crossroads, having lost both of their benchmark games this season and are now essentially two games behind the Longhorns in the South Division.

25. Nebraska (5-1)…Despite Mizzou's fast start, the Huskers will still be heard from in the Big 12 North Division race because they get the Tigers at home later this season.

Honorable Mention: #26 Navy (5-1), #27 Pittsburgh (5-1), #28 Brigham Young (4-2), #29 Washington (4-2), #30 Wisconsin (5-1).

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