The Mac Report: Oklahoma Week

As he does each and every Monday morning, Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney met with members of the local media today and he talked about everything from what went wrong in his team's 28-14 loss to Nebraska on Saturday to his thoughts on how good Adrian Peterson actually is. Get the scoop right here at

Nebraska MVP's


Offense – No MVP was given

Defense – Alvin Bowen

Special Teams – Mike Brandtner


Injury Report


There was some good news coming out of Monday when McCarney told the media that red-shirt freshman SS James Smith practiced with the team on Sunday night.


"He won't start obviously this week after being out for many weeks. As we go on this week, if he does some good things in practice then we'll play him and hopefully start getting him some playing time for the first time he's ever played in a college football game," McCarney said.


Linebacker's Adam Carper and Josh Raven will both be out for the season with knee injuries. The team expects both to have surgery in the next two weeks.


Quote of the Day


"There was not a slower defensive back (laughter) in the Big Ten. There was not a tougher defensive back," McCarney talking about Bob Stoops as a player at Iowa.


Now They Are Reviewing the Calls


It's taken a couple of days, but McCarney told the media today that the Big 12 is reviewing a couple of questionable calls from Saturday's game, at Iowa State's request.


"We usually don't hear anything back until about Wednesday on calls that we ask them to review," McCarney said. "There's 14 points worth of calls there. It's not going to change the outcome of the game but we just want to get their interpretation on two plays. Todd Blythe's offensive pass interference and Austin Flynn's catch."


At the time of the Flynn touchdown, McCarney didn't have a challenge left in the game, but as McCarney understands, every play is reviewed.


"As I understand there is a TV screen and cameras on every play and they basically review every play. That's my understanding," McCarney said. "It was pretty quick, so if they did review it, it was fast because we went right to the next play and I didn't have a challenge. I would have liked to have gotten a little clearer response but we'll see and find out what the Big 12 says."


So why wouldn't McCarney call a timeout to give the officials more time?


"I thought for sure that it was reviewed and would have called time out. As I understand, when TV games come in they review every play. They look at every play. There's a TV screen up and they can see everything."


Adrian Peterson


Nebraska had two running backs run for over 100 yards on Saturday. So what does this young Iowa State defense get the following week? Arguably the best running back in all of college football, Adrian Peterson.


"I don't know that I've seen a back who plays harder play in and play out. He's a big back, he's a physical back and he's a fast back. Gosh almighty, he plays hard all of the time," McCarney said.


So how will the Clones attempt to slow Peterson down on Saturday? Well they won't sit back in a base defense, we know that.


"You can't sit in there all day with just a base defense. They have big, strong, athletic, fast offensive linemen. He's just a great player," McCarney said.







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