CN Outside the Jack

There is more to the game day experience than just the football action. Where else can you meet new friends, toss around the pigskin, and drink copious amounts of beverages all in the name of a good time. CN sent Luke V on a mission to capture the amazing Jack Trice atmosphere.

Ed and Deb Whitver, parents of former Cyclone and CN Ambassador Jack Whitver, out at the legendary "Big Blue Bus."

Two guys that need little introduction. Former Cyclone QB Sage Rosenfels and former WR Lane Danielsen. Danielsen's first career TD catch came from Sage with under a minute to play to win at Oklahoma State in 2000.


Some young ladies enjoying the great tailgaiting atmosphere. I wonder why Luke V decided to photograph them?



Who said being an offensive lineman didn't have some advantages? Luke V is the modern day Hugh Heffner.


The family of the Cyclone Godfather Austin Flynn. The "Big Blue Bus" is a happening place.



See if you can figure out which one is Jack Whitver's fiancee?


Be sure to check CN later in the week for more photos of the great atmosphere out at Jack Trice.  And if you see Luke or Jack with a camera, get ready to pose.

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