Q&A with Megan Ronhovde

CN has made women's basketball coverage a top priority heading into the 2006-2007 season. For proof of that, we've aquired Andrew Martin, a senior in journalism to be the WBB beat writer for CycloneNation.com. Get Andrew's first piece of work right here in this Q&A with Megan Ronhovde.

CN: How does the feeling for you change and how does your role change now that you are a senior?


MR: Every year Coach Fennelly tells us that we'll understand how important it is to be at this program when we enter our senior year. Sitting in that locker room for the past three years, it hasn't really sunk in, but I know that every preseason conditioning workout that we've done is one last one that I'm going to have to do. That's the mental mindset that Lyndsey, Abby, and I have is that every single time that we step out here, it is going to be the last time. We have to embrace that, enjoy it, and try and work hard and have fun while we're doing it.


How much did you and this team grow experiencing the postseason last year?


MR: Being able to get some postseason experience considering the amount of injuries we had last year was a big thing for us. Being able to make a decent run in the WNIT is definitely going to help considering the lack of experience that we had. We've got a lot of people coming back and we've got a great freshmen class coming in, and it's going to be a great year.


Is there a particular aspect of your game that you've been working on in the off-season?


MR: My free throw percentage definitely has to improve. I've been trying to work on being a little more consistent with my three-point shooting. I've been working with the assistants in the postseason last year and all preseason trying to get that a little more consistent. I don't think I'm going to have to play point guard this season so ball handling isn't going to be that much of an issue.


Can you talk about some of the freshmen and how they're looking so far?


MR: We've got a great group coming in just like we did last year. We have four true freshmen coming in. A lot of them are guards; we didn't really bring in a lot of post players this year. Anna [Florzak] is really going to help us out at the point guard spot being able to back Lyndsey up. Shellie [Mosman] and Anna are both great shooters from the outside. Alison [Lacy] is a great shooter as well, and Toccara [Ross] is really going to help us out at the four spot.


As a senior, how have you taken the younger players under your wing?


MR: As a freshman, you are trying to soak all of this in and get campus figured out, but they are great about coming to us with questions. They are great at listening to what we have to say, and they are trying to get the philosophy of what we are trying to get done here. We are really excited to get the season going.

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