CN Student Sound Off: Nebraska

Subscribers loved CN's Student Sound Off so much last week that I decided to do it all over again after Iowa State's 28-14 loss to Nebraska on Saturday night. Want to know exactly what randomly picked students out of the Iowa State student section are thinking about the season? Find out right here at

Before I start this week's edition, I want to let everybody know that the opinions and quotes stated by students in this article in no way represents the views of me, or anybody associated with It is simply a way for the Iowa State students to get involved and to give them a way to state their opinions and since they're paying tuition, by golly they deserve it.


The first individual I talked to this week was a guy named Corey Aldritt straight off the streets of Eden Prarie, Minn. Aldritt is not only a diehard Cyclone, he's an extremely opinionated young man and even that might be an understatement. Aldritt made it clear to me that Saturday's performance just didn't cut it in his opinion.


It looked like a JV team out there. We get to the 40-yard line and we put on our tap dance shoes. We get scared and I've never seen more pathetic football in my life. I think that I've stood up more times to wave at people than I did have reason to cheer during the game.


The one positive that I do see is that Nebraska actually wanted us to win this game. That's how bad they played in this game. We still got it handed to us, on national television. It was terrible.


Pretty negative stuff Corey. Let's get positive can we?


I thought that our defense stepped up in the second half. Enough for the offense to win the game, but our offense just looked terrible.


My Take: Okay, never mind about the positives Corey. You're just not a positive guy, and I'm down with that. Those were some pretty strong statements. For the record Corey, the game was on regional, not national television.


Now I'll move on to victim number two, Elissa Braun out of St. Charles, Ill. Elissa was a sweet girl, who for some reason was hanging out with antagonistic guys like Aldritt. Elissa didn't really want to be interviewed, but I persuaded her to do otherwise. Here's what she had to say. 


I'm just feeling generally disappointment. I'm kind of cold and kind of tired. It's been a long day. The whole day was just a lot of work for such a disappointing outcome.


My Take: "I'm kind of cold and kind of tired." That's a classic quote. You see, that's why I wanted to interview a female. They always put things in perspective. Yeah, the loss was tough but warmth and rest are a lot more important than winning a football game.


I was hoping that we would win; I didn't think we were going to.


My Take: Honesty is the best policy. Good work Elissa.


Alright, back to the game. Neal Aslesen out of Montage, Minnesota had a lot to say, but more about what happens after the games than during.


We can't keep giving credit to teams like UNI who we should be crushing. I just feel like it's not fair to our team. After we beat them by however many points, we say that they played a great team and we talk about how tough of a team they are. Dan McCarney should say that they played a good game but our team wasn't in it. We should have beaten them by a lot more than that.


Our defense made some great plays in the second half but our offense didn't do a thing.


So what will make them play Neal?


I don't know. I have no idea. That's a good question.


My Take: I think that quote speaks for all of us, including the players and coaches.


That's a good place to end this version of CN Student Sound Off.





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