CN Interview: Alison Lacey

One of the most talked about newcomers on the Iowa State WBB team this season is Alison Lacey. In this CN interview, we can't deliver Alison's cool Australian accent but we can let you know what she's thinking about the upcoming season. Check out all season long for WBB coverage like you won't find anywhere else on the web.

CN: How has Iowa State been so far?


AL: It's awesome; I'm enjoying it so much. It's so much fun being with all the girls, practicing every day, and getting accustomed to everything.


CN: Do you find that the seniors have been doing a lot to help you guys?


AL: The seniors have been awesome this year. [Medders, Ronhovde, and Reinert] have so much knowledge and help us out with whatever we want. They are really good leaders and are great to look up to.


CN: What is it like playing basketball in Hilton Coliseum compared to where you have played in the past?


AL: It's a lot more fun here and there's a lot more excitement around girls' basketball. I've never been in a place that's this supportive back home or anywhere. It's nice to be somewhere that girls' basketball is so supported and has so many fans.


CN: Is the support for the program a big reason why you chose Iowa State?


AL: The people in Iowa, the coaches and players, and the support are what won me over.


CN: Do you anticipate getting a fair amount of playing time this season?


AL: It's early season and we haven't started official practice yet, but I'm ready if they need me to play.


CN: Have you had to adjust your style of play from the way you played in Australia?


AL: I think we play a different style of game from International to American. The three-point line is further back and other little things like that are different. Overall, I didn't think I had to change as much as my brother did, but there are definitely some changes.


CN: What area of your game do you have to work on the most?


AL: Getting adjusted to the college style game and the pace of it. I think that's what I want to work on the most is going hard all the time and getting used to the pace.

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