Wall's World...Week 7

So here we are, halfway through the college football season. Why is it that everything we love goes by so fast? I mean, wasn't it just yesterday that Iowa State was a lock to challenge for the Big 12 North. That seems like just a second ago. Now….well, a bowl game would be nice.

This is also the usual point of the season where pundits and experts (of which I would like to think I am both, but am actually probably neither) release their midseason grades. Now, I would love to write a grades column, but I have another idea, and let's be honest, I'll most likely be out of creative column things in a couple weeks and can pull it out then.


But for now, let's look at the good, the bad and the ugly from the Big 12 so far.




Missouri So I'm starting to believe in the Tigers. It was easy to disregard their hot start when looking at the cupcake teams they beat in non-conference play. At 6-0 they are coming off a huge win over Texas Tech in Lubbock, holding that Tech video game offense in check. Their defense kept Tech out of the end zone and their offense is clicking under future star Chase Daniels. Their Nov. 4 game against Nebraska should determine the winner of the Big 12 North.


Adrian Peterson This isn't a surprise to anyone. We all knew how good he was after a monster freshman season that nearly saw him grab the Heisman Trophy. He is averaging 150 yards per game, good for tops in the Big 12 and fourth nationally. Also, he only needs 334 yards to become Oklahoma's all time leading rusher. Any chance he gets all those against an Iowa State defense that couldn't stop Nebraska's "no-name" rushing attack.


Mack Brown – Even with the loss of all-world quarterback Vince Young, Brown has the Longhorns back in another national title hunt. Texas is for real, even though they are relying on a freshman quarterback. Texas' only loss this season is at the hands of everyone's No. 1 Ohio State. Nothing wrong with that. If there is only one unbeaten team at the end of the season and Texas wins the rest of their games (which they will) look for the Horns to have a chance to defend their national title.




Iowa State's Offense – Where do I start here? This is one of the biggest disappointments of the season. How does an offense with this many weapons consistently underachieve. Iowa State's offense is 10th in the Big 12, leading only offensively challenged Kansas State and an awful Colorado team. With the Cyclone defense giving up almost 30 points per game, the Cyclone O has to get something going. Going….like what hopefully Barney Cotton will be doing at the end of the season.


Texas Tech – This was supposed to be their season. With both Texas and Oklahoma going through quarterback changes, this was supposed to be the chance for the Red Raiders. All they did to capitalize on their opportunity was put up only three points against TCU and lose at home to Missouri. Better luck next year.


The State of Kansas At least basketball starts soon.




Colorado 13 points per game. That's all the Buffalos can muster. They're really bad. Their first chance for a win this season comes in two weeks against Kansas, but don't look for that to happen. They could go 0-12, which would be absolutely hilarious.


Baylor's Run Game – The Bears have 247 yards on the ground AS A TEAM this season. That's awful! It's more then awful, it's completely ridiculous. It's even more crazy when you factor in that Baylor rushed for 136 yards in their last game against Colorado. Their season low? 32 yards against Washington State. And somehow they're 2-0 in the Big 12.


Iowa State Defense – I know, it's a broken record. The Cyclone defense is in complete disarray. Watch the second half of the Nebraska game. The Huskers literally ran four different plays during the half and the Cyclones couldn't stop them. Even though they knew what was coming, there was nothing they could do to stop them. Their pass defense is 97th in the nation and it's only that good because Nebraska didn't pass in the second half. Is it bad that I honestly think Ricky Williams' 350-yard game (the most single game yards against the Cyclones) is in real jeopardy against Peterson this week?


And now for the picks!


I went 4-2 last week, a little off my breakneck pace. But I'm still 50-9 on the season, not bad at all.


Iowa State at Oklahoma


Hmmm….the Cyclones can't score and can't stop anyone else from scoring. This could be a disaster.


THE PICK: Oklahoma


Baylor at Texas


Both teams are 2-0 in the Big 12, the last two unbeatens in the South. Baylor's Big 12 title hopes die a painful death here.




Missouri at Texas A&M


Two wins in a row in the state of Texas is a tough task. But this Missouri team might be the best one under Gary Pinkel. I'm finally ready to put my support behind the Tigers. Of course, the second I pick them, they'll go out and lose. That would be something Pinkel would do.


THE PICK: Missouri


Nebraska at Kansas State


Nebraska didn't look impressive against Iowa State. Of course, they didn't have to be impressive to win. Kansas State is pretty bad, the Huskers should have no problems in this one.


THE PICK: Nebraska


Texas Tech at Colorado


Ugly, ugly, ugly. I can hear children crying in the Rockies.


THE PICK: Texas Tech


Oklahoma State at Kansas


This is the one game – as a lover of good college football – that I will refuse to watch on principle. Who cares?


THE PICK: Kansas    

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