The Mac Report: Texas Tech

As he does each and every Monday, Dan McCarney addressed members of the local media on Monday morning. In this Mac Presser Report, McCarney talks about big depth chart changes on defense, recovering from the tough four losses and the character that Mike Leach is. Find it here in this CN Presser Report.

Depth Chart Changes on D


DeAndre Jackson is out for the season, so where does that leave this already struggling secondary?


Replacing Jackson at corner will be red-shirt freshman Steve Johnson who has started the last two games at FS. True freshman Drenard Williams will back Johnson up.


Getting the start at FS will be sophomore Jason Harris who spent last season at running back.


"He did some good things on Saturday," McCarney said on Monday. "I think it's a permanent move which is the first thing you want to note. He'll just get better and better with experience and games."


The newest addition to the depth chart is red-shirt freshman James Smith, who is now listed as the backup SS. McCarney did go on to say that the staff would evaluate Smith throughout the week to see if he'll be able to play on Saturday.


McCarney also said that these depth chart changes might change as the week goes on.


"Our best defensive back is obviously gone. That's just for practice tomorrow, we don't really know. I'll know more after the next few nights of practice who our best four are on the field," McCarney said.


Oklahoma MVP's


Offense – No MVP

Defense – Brent Curvey

Special Teams – Mike Brandtner


Quote of the Day


"We've got some of the nicest guys in the world off the field; we don't need to take that to the field. I think we've had too much of that lately," McCarney on his offensive line.


Digging Out of a Hole


For two seasons in a row, Iowa State has started Big 12 play with a 0-3 record. For two years in a row, Iowa State has gone to a bowl game. Can this Iowa State team rebound the same way? McCarney thinks so, but he noted that all teams are different.


"Every team is different. Each season is different and we have dug out of it because of the hunger, the drive and the importance of winning and being successful and trying to get into post season play. Every team is different. We'll find out starting this Saturday. We have been there. We've been in a hole and we found a way to scratch, dig and claw our way out of it and still have opportunities at the end of the season," McCarney said.


A Good Opportunity


Texas Tech just might be the perfect match for the struggling Cyclones this season. The Red Raiders are currently on a two game losing streak heading into Iowa State's homecoming on Saturday.


"I'm sure they're saying the same thing down there. I'm sure they're saying that this is quite an opportunity," McCarney said. "That's normally what turns something into a hell of a game."


At the end of the day, no matter what has happen the last two weeks, McCarney still has a ton of respect for this program.


"They've been to six bowl games in a row," McCarney said. "This is a huge challenge. They're very talented. This team has had a couple of setbacks here in the past couple of weeks but it's still the same team that went to Texas A&M and beat A&M."


O-Line Changes Unlikely


Iowa State's offensive line has been much less than impressive so far this year, but according to McCarney on Monday, changes aren't in the plans.


"The five that we have out, and really six because Reggie Stephens plays and did a good job Saturday, those are the guys, they are clearly our best," McCarney said. "Those guys have to know that someone can take their job, but when there is a drop off, and a pretty good drop off between one and two, it's hard to just get mad at them and fire three or four or five of them and say we're starting over. I can't do that in good faith with this offense and those kids."


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