CN Exclusive: A Talk Between Former Teammates

CN's Luke Vander Sanden had a chance to catch up with a former teammate of his, former "Mr. Cyclone," and former ISU Cyclone football great, Ellis Hobbs. Put yourself in his shoes, as a NFL player, and as a former Cyclone. Sit back and enjoy this Q&A between old teammates.

LVS: Tell Cyclone fans what the typical game week is like for a NFL player...

Hobbs: An NFL week starts Monday and ends on Sunday (game day). Tuesday is the mandatory day off for all players in the league. Monday is film from the last game and just working out to get rid of soreness. Wednesday thru Friday is game preparation for the opponent. On Saturday, we go to the hotel for home and away games. A typical work time is from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm. This includes film, practice, and working out.


LVS: Talk with us about the biggest difference between college football and professional football in your eyes...


Hobbs: The biggest difference is that the NFL is about business and money. It's a billion dollar industry. To have a better chance in the NFL, it is all about keeping your personal life separate from the football side.


LVS: What is the biggest thing that you have learned in the NFL going into your second season?


Hobbs: The best thing I learned was how to prepare your body and mind for a 16 week season along with post season. You don't want to peak physically in week one, rather you want to steadily rise as the season progresses.


LVS: How did playing for Coach Mc Carney and his staff, and working out with Coach Getty prepare you for the NFL?

Hobbs: It helped me tremendously because Coach Mac and his staff run their organization properly from top to bottom. From what vets have told me from other teams it sounds as if the Cyclones are a step ahead, all the way from game preparation and physical preparation. It was an easy transition because the New England Patriots' work habits were identical to mine and that of the Cyclones.

LVS:  What will your role be going into your second season with the New England Patriots?


Hobbs: I will be starting for the second straight year of my career. I will be doing returns as well and any thing else that will help the team.


 LVS: What was your biggest or most memorable memory during your years at ISU?                


Hobbs: When we won the Independence bowl my senior year it really culminated a great year. So many people thought negatively against us and the odds were not in our favor. We kept our heads low work hard and just let our play do the talking.


LVS:  What does it mean to wear "Cardinal and Gold?"

Hobbs: It means that you have a opportunity to be apart of an organization that works hard at its craft. It is a honor NOT a right to wear those colors because many want to and even less do.


Those answers come from the heart of a true young man.  I was privileged to call Ellis my teammate for numerous years at ISU.  He was a true leader, a leader that everyone would want to have on and off the football field.  I wish Ellis the best this year as he continues his dream!













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