Cyclones Set Sights on Texas Quarterback

Iowa State features one of the Big 12's top QB's in Bret Meyer. The only concern is the fact he is a junior, and sooner than later, will have to be replaced. The Cyclones have set a goal on finding two quality QB's in this recruiting class; having already landed the commitment of Phillip Bates; and now it appears they have set their sights on another. Josh Clark offers this special report...

Beaumont, Texas (West Brook Sr HS) quarterback Joe Chaisson knows all about the Iowa State Cyclones.

It was only last February that the Cyclones had ventured down to his school to sign cornerback Drenard Williams, who is playing this fall as a true freshman.

"I've been keeping up with Iowa State this fall," Chaisson stated. "They have Drenard returning kicks so I have to watch him. They tell me they are a young team, and I see it on the field. They are looking forward to the future."

This past spring, Chaisson not only landed an offer from the Cyclones, but in addition, received offers
from Tennessee, Missouri, LSU, Indiana, Baylor, and UTEP.

Has the trend has been set the past few years, it is normally first come, first serve at the quarterback position, but the Cyclones have stuck with Chaisson the entire way.

"LSU called me to tell me they landed Jarrett Lee so they were probably done with quarterbacks, but were going to continue to recruit me in case something opened up," Chaisson said.

"Missouri offered, then cooled a bit, and they are sparking up the interest again. They've talked to menabout an official visit."

"Tennessee continues to show strong interest; probably the most behind Iowa State," Chaisson said.
"The other schools, well, I haven't been hearing from them this fall so I don't know what happened."

"Iowa State has been showing me heavy interest from the beginning, and they continue to talk to me all the time. I set my first official visit to Iowa State for the first weekend in December," Chaisson stated.

Mike Nelson is recruiting Chaisson for the Cyclones, and according to Chaisson, he can recall their initial conversation last spring.

"Coach Nelson had a great spark to me. He really had a lot of enthusiasm, and really showed an interest in me. He recongized we run a similiar offense at my high school; play wise and everything; and said I'd be a good fit. He was open about the depth chart, and spoke about after Bret Meyer leaves, I'll have a chance to compete for the open job."

Chaisson also received opportunities to speak with Coach Dan McCarney and Coach Todd Fitch over the phone.

"After talking to Coach McCarney, that is one of the reasons I'm looking forward to the visit so I'll have a chance to sit down with him face-to-face," added Chaisson, who stands at six-foot-three,
180-pounds. "Coach Fitch just told me he likes my ability to make plays, and they need it in the spread offense they run."

While some may wonder how Chaisson may potentially adjust to life in Iowa from life in Texas, he has
already made one key adjustment in preparing himself for the opportunity.

"I attended Kelly High School here in Beamount; aprivate school; until my sophmore year. That is when my head coach left to take over at West Brook, and I followed him over here. It was a big adjustment going from a private school to a Class 5A public school, but everything has gone well," Chaisson stated.

That will also help Chaisson with any adjustment he may have to make once he arrives on the campus of his choice.

"I'm game for playing another position if that iswhat is best for the team and myself. All of the
schools have only talked to me about quarterback, but I know that I could play wide receiver."

Chaisson also informed that the Cyclones remain in strong pursuit of two of his
teammates in highly-recruited tight end Billy Chavis and linebacker Jacoby Coleman, both of whom are considering official visits to Ames, as well.

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