Staiger Picks ISU!

Greg McDermott picked up big number three today when Lucca Staiger, a 6'6 210 pound shooter out of Decatur School in Illinois committed to Iowa State. Find out what Staiger and his head coach, Alan Huss told me hours after his commitment, right here only at

Iowa State's latest basketball commitment in the class of 2007 is Lucca Staiger out of the Decatur Christian School in Illinois. Here's what Staiger told me just hours after making his commitment to Iowa State.


Lucca Staiger on His Commitment


"I'm very happy and very excited that I'm going to a college like that. It's really nice. I love the people very much."


Lucca told me that his positive attitude was the best thing that he'll bring to Iowa State.


Lucca on Iowa State


"I saw the team play and they are playing very hard. That's how I play. I like playing hard and practicing hard."


"The number one reason why I picked Iowa State was because there was no negative points on my unofficial visit to Iowa State. That was the reason. It's very nice there."


I also spoke with Lucca's head coach at Decatur Christian, Alan Huss. Here's what he had to say.


Alan Huss on Staiger's Game


"He really shoots the ball well. He's fundamentally solid. He's athletic but he's not a guy who is going to whoo you with his athleticism. He's definitely a good athlete. He can dunk a basketball any way that you want him to dunk it."


Under the Radar???


"If he was in the United States the entire time he'd for sure be a top 100 player. Everybody under the sun has called about him in the past two months since he's been here."


Why Iowa State?


"Coach McDermott has had a relationship with him for the past several years," Huss said. "He's known Lucca and known about him for quite some time. His coach in Germany and Coach McDermott are pretty close."


"In the end he probably chose them over Washington State, South Florida, Old Dominion. I don't know who he specifically had offers from but he was close with a lot of other people. Kansas State, to Iowa and several other people.


Staiger averaged 24.2 PPG, 5.6 RPG, and 6.2 APG last season.


He has been a member of the German National Team for the past four seasons and was one of 49 players asked to attend the NBA Basketball Without Boarders Camp which features the best of the best in international players. He was also the MVP of the Dirk Nowitzki basketball camp at the age of 15.


Check back to CN throughout the week for more information on Staiger.

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