Stinnett: Questions Surface Before Visit

The news of Iowa State's latest basketball commitment travels fast, in fact on Wednesday night it had already made it to the Brewster Academy. P'Allen Stinnett is finally taking his official visit this weekend, and he already knew about Lucca Staiger's commitment. Find out what Stinnett told CN about that and a lot more in this exclusive interview.

CN: Are you still planning on coming to your official visit to Ames this weekend?


Stinnett: Yes, I'll be there on Friday.


CN: Andre (McFarland) is going to Idaho and I know that you two are really close. Does that impact your decision at all?


Stinnett: No, not at all. He found a school that fit him academically as well as athletically so I'm happy for him and I hope he does well. I haven't really figured out what I want in a school yet. I haven't found a school that really totally caught my eye. I'm just taking my time with that.


CN: At one point, you told me that it was down to Iowa State and Idaho. Is that still the case, or are some other schools all of the sudden jumping in?


Stinnett: Iowa State, Idaho, Creighton, Arizona State, and Seton Hall, that's it right now.


CN: What about official visits? Are you going to give anybody else an official visit or is Iowa State getting the last one?


Stinnett: Yeah, I'm going to visit Creighton and I'm still talking with ASU.


CN: The fact that Iowa State has recruited you for so long, does that give them any advantage in your recruitment?


Stinnett: Other than the fact that Iowa State just signed a guard, I don't really know what's going on now.


CN: So does that have an impact on your decision?


Stinnett: Oh, of course.


CN: Since that's the case, will you go into this weekend any different, will you talk to the coaches first, where do you stand?


Stinnett: Yeah, we're going to have to talk about it. What exactly my place will be now that they've signed another guard.


CN: So if Iowa State is still very interested in you, where will you be?


Stinnett: I'm not upset, that's their job. Like I said, they've been recruited me for so long and I have yet to make a decision so they feel like they have no choice but to take other recruits.


CN: The last time I talked to you, you told me that Iowa State was your leader. Would you say that's still true or has somebody else taken the lead?


Stinnett: I really don't know at this point. Other schools have decided to contact me now. Before, it was like all of the other schools had the mindset that I was going to Iowa State, just like myself. I thought I was going to Iowa State. Now that my name is out on the market as an undecided, more and more schools are starting to contact me. Iowa State is still the leader because they've been there for so long, but I have other options as well now.

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