The Mac Report: Tech 42 ISU 26

Homecoming was not happy in Ames, Iowa today. The weather was cold, but it seemed a lot colder after Iowa State's 42-26 loss to Texas Tech on Saturday. As always, Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney met with the media after the game. Find out what the coach had to say right here in this CN presser report.

Injury Report


Iowa State has a couple of seniors who are hurting heading into the ninth game of the season next week.


The first being Austin Flynn. If you didn't notice, Flynn was only in the game on extra point and field-goal holds today.


"He tried to go. You know, he tried to go. It's not going to require surgery or anything but he told us that he was going to go, he wanted to go. He's been running, rehabbing wanting to play and trying to get ready to go, but he couldn't go," McCarney told the media after the game.


Running back Stevie Hicks also didn't have a carry in the second half.


"Stevie got nicked. I don't think it's real serious; he couldn't play the second half. Hopefully he'll be back. The first reports were that it won't require surgery or anything like that," McCarney said.


A Struggling Line


McCarney told the media last Monday that there wouldn't be any changes made on his offensive line. On Saturday after his team's loss, nothing had changed.


"I'm not just going to go in there and bench five guys, clean house and start over," McCarney said. "Everyday we go ones against ones in some certain phases so we see them go against our defense. We know who our best players are, we've just got to continue to try and improve, coach them and be more consistent."


A Good Call?


Iowa State pulled within two points of the Red Raiders with 8:05 to go in the third quarter when Jason Scales scored his first touchdown of the season on a five-yard run to make the score 28-26. You make the call. Do you go for two? Or take the point? Iowa State went for two, and McCarney was happy with the call after the game.


"It was a good call. We just missed executing. I like the call that Barney [Cotton] made," McCarney said.


What Happened?


One thing was clear to McCarney on Saturday, an inexperienced secondary hurt his team's chances.


"Inexperience just really hurt us," McCarney said. "We just didn't play well enough defensively, not enough pressure and missing tackles."


McCarney was also adamant that his team is definitely not lacking effort.


"It wasn't like we weren't trying. We prepared hard, we coached hard, we put a lot into it. I was really impressed with practices this week," McCarney said. "We've got to play better and we've got to find a way. It's not like we're out there trying to give up touchdown passes. Our guys want to win; they put a lot into this. When they don't win, they don't have a lot to show for it."





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