Stinnett: Sleepin' on It

When P'Allen Stinnett returned from his official visit to Iowa State on Sunday night, talked to the Brewster Academy star. Stinnett talked about when his decision will come and why he probably won't visit Creighton anymore. Get the entire scoop first right here at CN.

Brewster Academy's P'Allen Stinnett just got back from his official visit at Iowa State. Needless to say, the visit went extremely well.


"Now that I've done that I feel pretty good about the situation. I just finished talking to my parents. I'm going to make a decision in the next day or two," Stinnett told CN on Sunday night after his visit.


So what exactly did Stinnett and his parents talk about?


"I told them that I'm pretty sure of myself this time. They said to give it a few days," Stinnett said.


Last week Stinnett told CN that he was considering taking a visit to Creighton. According to Stinnett on Sunday night, the visit isn't very likely anymore. Why? Evidentially, Stinnett has had some conversation with former Creighton players, specifically Iowa State women's basketball player and Creighton transfer, Brittany Lang.


"I'm not sure. I've been talking to a few people, a few past players and actually a player from Iowa State's women's team, Brittany Lang, I believe. She told me that it doesn't seem like it would fit my lifestyle, Stinnett said. "She said basically that me being from Las Vegas you know and the big city life that there's not too much to do there."


Stinnett has been to Ames numerous times before, but this time he took a different approach to the visit.


"This time it was just really go get out and see a practice and how Coach McDermott structures everything. I was impressed by how I got to know him a little better and just talking to him off the court," Stinnett said. "That's what this whole process was about. Just to see how Coach McDermott does everything."


Joining Stinnett on his official visit was 07 commit Diante Garrett. According to Stinnett, the duo hit it off on and off the court.


"He's a nice guy. We got to play with each other a little bit. We got a feel for each other's game and I really like the kid," Stinnett said. "He's a pretty good guard and he can shoot the ball really well. Not to mention, he has an awesome jump shot."


Will Stinnett commit in the next few days? Possibly. If it happens, you'll find out at CN. Keep checking back.




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