The Mac Report: Kansas State Part One

As he does each and every Monday, Dan McCarney met with members of the local media to talk Iowa State football. In this week's presser heading up to Iowa State's game with Kansas State, McCarney talks about prepping for the Wildcats to the injuries his team has suffered. Get the scoop right here at in part one of the Mac Report.

Texas Tech MVP's


McCarney announced on Monday that no offensive or defensive MVP awards were given out after his teams 42-26 loss to Texas Tech on Saturday.


Bret Culbertson was the special teams MVP after his perfect day on Saturday, along with his career long 52-yard field goal.


Injury Report


One of the hot questions on Monday was the status of two leaders on Iowa State's offense, Austin Flynn and Stevie Hicks. According to McCarney, the news was encouraging.


"We're hoping that Austin Flynn and Stevie Hicks will be ready this week. Austin tried last week and he obviously couldn't play," McCarney said. "We're hoping that he'll be back and ready to go. Stevie Hicks, who missed the second half, thankfully it was nothing serious at all. It was a leg injury but we think he'll be ready to go for practice tomorrow."


McCarney also mentioned that the whole slug of defensive players with ACL injuries [Kurtis Taylor, Adam Carper, Josh Raven and DeAndre Jackson] are all doing very well. They all have had surgery, except Jackson who will have his this week.


"They are extremely experienced on defense and extremely young on offense. They're playing with great effort, passion and intensity. You can sure see it on tape. It will be a real challenge for us."


A Day Off


McCarney said on Monday that he gave his team the day off on Sunday. Here's why:


"This is the toughest stretch of a schedule that we've had since I've been here. I'm seeing it and I'm feeling it. That's one of my jobs as a head coach, to read your team. I just felt like mentally they needed a break. They're off today. We'll see them again tomorrow and I think it was a great time to get these kids out of here and go rest, study, see your girlfriend if you're lucky enough to have one and see you on Tuesday," McCarney said.


Back to the Drawing Board???


A question was raised whether it's time to go back to the drawing board with this football team after a 0-4 conference start. McCarney said that wasn't the solution to the problem.

"It's impossible at this time of the year to go in and make major, drastic changes or adjustments. We want to be better, we want to improve," McCarney said. "It's not revamping the whole lineup or what we're doing, it's impossible to do that at this time of year. We're going out trying to make some minor adjustments and we'll evaluate like we always do personnel wise."


Where's the Juice???


Stevie Hicks is fighting a leg injury, Jason Scales is finally coming around, so where's Josh Johnson at?


"He's at number three. He's still practicing like crazy everyday but he's our number three. If the game dictates it, yes, we're not trying to hold him back for any reason. It's good to see Jason coming a lot and both he and Stevie will hopefully be healthy this week."


One Depth Chart Change


When the new depth chart came out today, there was only one major change. True freshman Drenard Williams is now listed as a starting cornerback over red-shirt freshman Steve Johnson, who has started the last few games.


"We're trying to find the right combination, he did some good things. He did give up the one touchdown at the end of the game and we didn't want to see that, but he did do some real positive things when he was in there," McCarney said about the move. "Whoever is on the field has got to play better than we did last week."









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