The Mac Report: Part Two

As he does each and every Monday, Dan McCarney met with members of the local media to talk Iowa State football. In this week's presser heading up to Iowa State's game with Kansas State, leadership is the key in this part of the report. Get the scoop right here at

Prepping for K-State


Kansas State poses a big challenge for the Cyclones mainly due to the fact that new Coach Ron Prince is at the helm, something McCarney is not used to.


"They're not doing as much offensively formation wise, trading, motions, Bill Snyder's offense always gave you 1,000 looks each Saturday," McCarney said. "We exchange all of the tape from this year. That's a really good feel on what they're doing. There's no doubt that they're playing really hard. Ron has done a great job getting those kids to play really hard."


McCarney said that special teams might play a huge role in the game.


"They are ranked right up there in punt return and kickoff return. You can tell that they have a real commitment to that and they're getting good results on Saturdays."



Meyer's Confidence


One thing has been obvious for most of this season; Bret Meyer has been running for his life. According to McCarney, Bret's not letting it get to him.


"I don't sense that he's mad at anyone or he's screaming at his offensive linemen, there's none of that. That's the thing that I go back to why I feel so positive that we can finish strong because these kids are a team and there's a lot of unselfishness. There isn't any finger pointing, there hasn't been one bit of it," McCarney said.


Leadership Key to Turnaround


One thing that McCarney has shown us over the years is his ability to get his teams to turn a season around when it's gone sour. How does that happen? Leadership.


"The leadership has been good. The leadership's strong and Brent Cuvey and DeAndre before he got hurt, Tyrone McKenzie and Alvin Bowen are trying to be leaders. Offensively, Austin obviously, Bret Meyer is captain," McCarney said.


So how do you become a leader? This question was posed to McCarney on Monday.


Would you like to see a player get mad and say I'm sick and tired of seeing this?


"Yeah, whatever works. You don't want somebody to try and be somebody they're not. Don't try and be a phony," McCarney said. "Just be yourself and lead. Whether it's being a role model like Shawn Moorehead, or if it's slamming their helmet down in practice and saying ‘enough is enough.' It's all within their own personality."


Still Seeing Sunshine


Coach McCarney is confident in his seniors, which is the core of leadership in a football team.


"I think that the senior class has drawn a line in the sand saying that we're going to find a way to get this thing done," McCarney said.


"There's sunshine out there. Now let's go get it. Really it's a collective effort for everybody." "You can't lose faith in one another and then one at a time, a day at a time, we've got to go out there and win games."





The 3-5 Cyclones will head to Kansas State for a 2:30 kickoff against the 4-4 Wildcats on Saturday.




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