Lightbourne is Loving ISU

The Iowa State WBB season is approaching quickly and CN is devoted to covering this year's squad. Click here to read a one on one interview with one of the newcomers, Genesis Lightbourne.

CN: How's Iowa State so far?


GL: I love it. It's a lot different from the big city life that I'm used to, but I love it for the most part. It's a college town, I've met a lot of new friends, and it's just an awesome place to be.


CN: Did you get a chance to watch the team last year as they developed?


GL: For the most part I did, but a lot of the time I had to listen to them on the radio. During the summer, I came in and watched more of our team play from last year. I am really thrilled for what is coming this year.


CN: A lot of these players coming back are going to have some pretty high goals. I'm sure you want to be a part of that.


GL: Definitely. We are ready for the season.


CN: Did the reputation of the crowd following at Iowa State weigh into your decision to come here?


GL: Yes, and the family atmosphere too. There are fans that come out to every game, 7,000-8,000 fans is unbelievable.


CN: What is it like practicing in Hilton Coliseum compared to where you've been before?


GL: I haven't gotten a chance to practice here yet. This Saturday will be our first practice, bright and early in the morning, so I'm excited.

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