Calhoun Returns From Ames

The Iowa State Cyclones hosted two official visitors, Navarro Community College cornerback Dustin Calhoun and safety Patrick Resby, this past weekend. Josh Clark caught up with Calhoun to offer this special report to

Replacing DeAndre Jackson in 2007 will be no easy task.

Looking at Iowa State's depth chart, you will not find an experienced, proven corner ready to fill the hole alongside Chris Singleton.

Therefore, Iowa State has made it a priority to search the junior college ranks far and wide for an impact player.

That search led them to Navarro Community College where they located Dustin Calhoun.

"Coach (Brian) Schneider came out to our spring game, and after watching me, that is when he began recruiting me," Calhoun informed

"He told me that he wanted to bring me up for a visit once the season started, He said he liked my ability to play man coverage, my footwork, and how I fly around and make things happen."

Once September reached, Coach Schneider kept his word in placing a phone call to Calhoun.

"He called to ask if I was interested in Iowa, and if I would be interested in making a visit," Calhoun stated.

"I set the visit for this past weekend with my teammate, (safety) Patrick Resby."

Calhoun arrived in Ames on Friday and took in team meetings, as well, as the team dinner in preparation for their game against Texas Tech.

"When we went to the game, we walked out onto the field with the players and joined them on the sidelines," added Calhoun, who will graduate from Navarro in May.

"It was a perfect atmosphere. Walking off the team bus to the stadium; it was a long walk; but it was a feeling you just don't get at a junior college. I've never had so many fans so close to me, and even as a visitor, they knew who I was. The people there are just so friendly."

Calhoun also received the opportunity to meet with Defensive Backs Coach Chris Ash.

"Coach Ash told me that he needs more maturity with his cornerbacks, and someone who has been in game situations that won't freeze up. He needs someone to come in and start to replace DeAndre Jackson, and he thinks that I'm that guy," Calhoun stated.

On Sunday morning, Calhoun also received the opportunity to meet with Head Coach Dan McCarney

"Coach McCarney is who I look up to, added Calhoun, who was hosted by DeAndre Jackson on the visit. "He'd be the reason I go to Iowa State. He's so down-to-earth, and willing to listen to your problems, and also tell you of his problems. That is the type of head coach that I'm looking for."

Calhoun prepped at Consolidated A&M High School in College Station, Texas, which also is the home of the Texas A&M Aggies.

"Texas A&M called me last Friday before I went to Iowa State to tell me they wanted to see some more film, but were close to offering me," Calhoun stated.

"If they do offer me, I will consider, but it doesn't mean I'm going there. I've also got Kansas and Arkansas showing me interest, and I'd like to take a couple more visits."

Calhoun will have three years of eligibility remaining to play two seasons once he graduates from Navarro in May.

In six games, Calhoun has recorded 45 tackles (33 solo) and five interceptions; one which was returned for a touchdown.

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