Mac Report: Kansas

As he does each and every Monday, Dan McCarney met with members of the local media to talk Iowa State football. In this week's presser heading up to Iowa State's game with Kansas, McCarney talks about everything from his team's continued focus to the many injuries the Cyclones have suffered. Get the scoop right here at in the Mac Report.

Kansas State MVP's


Offensive MVP comes with no surprise as Milan Moses stepped up with five receptions for 96 yards with Todd Blythe and Jon Davis out with injuries.


Defensive MVP was Alvin Bowen with 9 tackles and a tackle for a loss, but no special teams MVPs were given out due to major inconsistency.


Injury Report


The injuries are mounting and many of them seem to be targeted at the knee. Starting guard Tom Schmeling had his knee scoped last week and Stevie Hicks will have his knee scoped tomorrow. Both Schmeling and Hicks will hopefully be back sometime during the last three games. Jason Scales, who has been hindered with knee problems throughout his time at Iowa State and was seen limping off the field several times, will be good to go on Saturday.


Jon Davis, on the other hand, had a more serious condition with a collapsed lung. "They took him to the hospital down in Manhattan. The doctors took great care of him and he's doing real well. He definitely wont play this week. We'll see how things go the next couple weeks after this. He's back breathing normally was very very serious and I'm thankful he's doing fine right now," McCarney said.          


Todd Blythe is day to day with a virus.


Mac on His Team Focusing on the Task at Hand


McCarney commented about the fact that they have to get this first win and focus on Kansas in order to become bowl eligible. "Stranger things have happened in college football. If we can win our last three we're going somewhere. But to get the second and the third one (game) of the three left, you've got to get the first one," said McCarney.  


Rallying Together as a Team


The question of how it felt to have the players rally around McCarney and his staff was posed  and Mac responded by pointing out that he has not lost this team like the 2003 team. "Everybody around here really respects and cares about one another. There's no cancer in this program or in this team. Sometimes when you really struggle, like we are right now, those things are really evident.....We've put a lot of time and effort into building a real special family here and when you go through tough times, you're there for one another," said Coach McCarney.      


He continued to distance this team from the 2003 team that went 2-10 and 0-8 in the Big 12. "There are two things that were similar: we struggled with some wins that year, two we had a lot of injuries that year and right now obviously those are kind of multiplying.....But it's completely different. I just felt like we had some selfishness on that team (2003) even though we were struggling."


On Dealing Personally with the Tough Times at Hand


"It's not easy. I didn't take this job trying to lose games, we didn't go to bowl games, we didn't bring back respect, we didn't bring national rankings to Iowa State football and then try and set it all back in just a few months. So it's hard but I just have a great wife, a great family and an unbelievable support system...Those are the people that mean the most to you and I'm real fortunate to have a lot of them here in Ames and around the country," said McCarney. 


On the Quarterback Situation at Kansas


The Jayhawks have used three quarterbacks this year and each one has their different abilities, but McCarney had nothing but praise for Todd Reesing, the young freshman quarterback who led the team back to a win last week over Colorado. "He was the biggest reason for them winning that game over Colorado. They were down 9-0, they were struggling and he stepped in there and made major Big 12 offensive plays. Two by throwing the ball (two touchdowns) and one by running," said McCarney.


McCarney on the Revenge Factor


McCarney balked at the issue that the Cyclones would be looking for revenge from their overtime loss last year that cost them a shot at a Big 12 championship."We didn't come into our meetings and talk about revenge...There's a lot of mutual respect between these two teams. We lost a game in overtime. Kansas played great football throughout the season at home last year and they did against us and we are going to do everything we can to try and get a win Saturday.


By Caleb Nemmers: CN Staff Writer 

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