Media Day: Corey McIntosh Q&A

Corey McIntosh will be the man on the point this season for the new look Iowa State Cyclones. Find out what he had to say to on Tuesday.

Blum: How has your game improved since practice began?


McIntosh: It's improved a lot. They've (Coaches) been getting on my legs. Back home I didn't work on my legs a lot and since I've got here, McDermott and Moser really put forth effort to build my leg strength and I've gotten a lot faster and stronger. Things are going pretty good.


Blum: How has the chemistry been with the guys?


McIntosh: It's been really, really good. Things have gotten so much better since we've started. Everyone is starting to get a feel for each other, where they want to be on the court and we're going to have a good season.


Blum: How has the guard play been?


McIntosh: Oh we'll be fine. Mike Taylor is very aggressive. Brock (Jacobson) can shoot it really well. In practice, he's shooting something like 60 percent from the field and behind the arc. Of course, I'm going to do my best to give my best effort. We'll be fine in the backcourt, we already have the chemistry. We'll be OK.


Blum: How's your strength…are you ready to play in the Big 12?


McIntosh: Oh yea. I'm ready to play. What I can't do with my strength, my quickness will make up for.


Blum: How is the atmosphere?


McIntosh: This is amazing. I have been to plenty of NBA games and our jumbotron is something out of this world. I'm ready to play. It doesn't matter how many people I play in front of, it's just once you step inside the lines, that's all that matters.


Blum: What should the fans be expecting from you guys?


McIntosh: We'll give our best effort at all times. They aren't going to be disappointed in us whether we win or lose.

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