Media Day: Mike Taylor Q&A

Mike Taylor is one of the exciting new faces fans will see in Hilton this winter. Find out what he had to say during media day to CN.

How have you dealt with your academic situation?


Taylor: It definitely is a learning experience. Right now, I'm doing my best in the classroom, so I can be out here doing what I love on the court. That's pretty much it…I'm taking it as a learning experience.  I'm working hard in the classroom so I can fulfill my dreams on the court. It's a two way street to be an Iowa State player. The student comes first, than the athlete. That was the message McDermott was sending to me and the lesson is being learned.


When do you anticipate playing?


Taylor: I don't know right now, it's his decision. I have to do my time to show him I'm ready to participate.


How have you guys been playing together?


Taylor: I think we have a good chemistry. We just have to take a day-by-day step and get better every day and learn from our mistakes. We are a young team with a new coaching staff. We just have to get better every day.


What has been the biggest adjustment?


Taylor: Probably defense. I've got a lot of bounce in my step as a basketball player. And defensively, I have to take that out of my game and stay on my feet. That's something the coaching staff and everybody have been working with me on.


What can you bring to the Cyclones?


Taylor: A lot of energy and enthusiasm. I love the game and every single play I'm going to put out 100 percent effort. That's what I'm bringing to the Cyclones this year.


Is McDermott's a tough system to learn?


Taylor: No, it's not hard to learn. It's not hard at all. Everybody has to just buy in. Everyone from McDermott, to the managers, to the towel people, to the trainers, everybody has to be in from head to toe. Once we accomplish that, we are going to be a successful program. 


How is your strength?


Taylor: I did real well this summer and I'm doing real well this fall. We've done a lot of work in the weight room and I feel ready to compete. I'm ready to play in the Big 12. I was ready before I put on some weight, now that I gained 5 to 10 more pounds, I feel more ready.

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