Vander Sanden's Top 5 Teams in the Nation

This week, I focus my efforts on my top five teams at this point in the nation. I thought a little change up would be good this week. Sit back, open a cold one, and read this week's top five.

1. Ohio State


I personally think Ohio State has all the weapons on offense to be national title contenders.  Sure, they have a young defense, but at this point in the year, there is no such thing as young units or rookies.  Coach Tressel has proven that he has a system that can be one of the top programs year in and year out.  The true test comes when Ohio State squares off against Michigan, which will be #1 versus #2 in Big 10 play.  Those rivalry games are really hard to predict the outcomes because there is so much anxiety and emotion in them.


2.  Michigan


Michigan is number two on my list, as with a lot of the experts.  Michigan is a team that I feel has what it takes to be a top program in the nation.  I do feel that they lack consistency, but definitely have a team that is made up of play-makers.  The big test for Michigan will be when they play Ohio State.  If Michigan wins, they will contend for a national title.  If not, it will be the same story for Llyod Carr and his posse. 


3.  Texas


Mack Brown knows what it takes to be a national title team.  Vince Young is gone from a year ago, but Colt McCoy will be a special player for them the next few years.  Texas is full of speed year in and year out, and a lot of these guys are back from a year ago.  They know what it takes to be a top team nationally, and they know how to win.  Sure they had a scare at Nebraska, but they still got the W.


4.  Florida


Florida hits the list at number four. I think Florida is a very talented team.  Urban Meyer's system has proven to work for the Gators, and he sets his team up for success week in and week out.  Look for Florida to make a run at #2 in the nation before the year is over.


5.  West Virginia


I can't go wrong with my pick here.  They should probably be higher on my list, but it is what it is.  The layout of the rest of the season looks good for West Virginia.  They will have quite the test at Louisville this Thursday.  They will control their national title fate with a win or loss this weekend.


That concludes this week's top five, which is open for a lot of controversy.  I look for it to be an interesting finish to the college football season, with some upsets, and some of these teams losing some close balls games, and on the other hand, some of them winning the close ones.



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