ISU Wrestling Intrasquad Meet Results

The Iowa State wrestling team held an intrasquad wrestling meet on Thursday night in front of nearly 500 people. CN's Caleb Nemmers was there to cover it. Get results here.


141:  DeMarie vs. Scott


-DeMarie decision 11-7       


125: Hanisch vs. Fanthorpe


-Fanthorpe decision 6-0


133: Gallick vs. Shaffer


-Gallick decision 7-2


141: Mueller vs. T.J. Sebolt


-Mueller decision 11-4


149: Knipp vs. Sanderson


-Sanderson decision 2-1


Questionable stalling call on Knipp about 4:53 mark to give Sanderson the  decision. This was really close and I can see both of them seeing some time this year.


157: Trent Paulson vs. Somsky


-Trent Paulson decision 5-0


165: Travis Paulson vs. Reader


-Travis Paulson decision 9-3


174: Turner vs. Bertolino


-Turner decision 5-3


Not really surprising considering Turner beat Bertolino last year but it was close and I'm sure both will see some time here.


184: Varner vs. Pursel


-Varner fall at 4:20


197: No Matches


HWT: Schopf vs. Zabriskie


-Zabriskie major decision 16-5


As expected,  Zabriskie dominated but I'm somewhat concerned about his size.



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