Medders Senior Campaign Looks to be Solid

The Iowa State women's basketball team will be tipping off their season this Sunday when St. Cloud State will be rolling in to Ames for an exhibition. CN had a chance to sit down and talk to Lyndsey Medders about the upcoming season.

CN: It's your senior season, so make the most of it right?


LM: I'm as excited as I've ever been. Freshman year and sophomore year you get the giddiness out, junior year you understand to enjoy every day and appreciate every moment in Ames, Iowa.


CN: Are the goals even higher than a WNIT berth with all of the returning players?


LM: I think so. There is a target on our back being ranked 23rd in the country in one poll. We know people are going to be gunning for us like we've been gunning for teams in the past. You hope with the people we've had and the new ones, who are really doing a good job maturing quickly, that you can find some consistency in practice and in games, and you hope you're successful from there.


CN: What are some of the new players going to bring to the table?


LM: They are going to bring all kinds of stuff. Every once in a while when you want to get tired, you see one of them being loose and energetic and it makes you appreciate being here. They are fun to have around.


CN: How fast has your career at Iowa State gone?


LM: It seems like yesterday I was a freshman. It's going to be emotional when this is over with and I realize that it's done. It's gone by fast, but I have nothing but great memories except for having to room with Megan Ronhovde.


CN: Do see a little bit of yourself in any of the younger players?


LM: There are a couple. Florzak being a point guard from a bigger city. Wieben is doing a great job so far. She is evolving as a potential new leader in this group. She is going to really great.


CN: What do you think of Hilton Coliseum?


LM: It's amazing. I love Hilton. I've loved every single moment I've ever spent in Hilton. When you have all of the [renovations], it makes it that much more exciting. We appreciate what the fans have done and what Jamie Pollard has done for it, and we are excited to get a games going in here and get this place packed.


CN: Are you completely healthy and ready to go this year?


LM: I am as healthy as I am every going to be. If I get any less healthy from this point, I am not going to be happy about it, but I am as healthy as I can be.


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