Kansas Post Game: Jason Harris Q&A

Jason Harris talked with the media after his team's 41-10 loss to Kansas on Saturday. Find out what he had to say here.

Q: Do you feel like things are kind of spiraling right now?


A: With all of the downfalls and everything it seems like it's spiraling down but we just have to go week to week and get things back on track. We need to all keep our heads up and try to go to Colorado and get a win.


Q: What motivates you guys now that a bowl possibility is out of the picture?


A: Right now we're just playing for our team. The bowl chances are done but we're not going to let it all go down the drain. We've been working too hard in the off-season to let it all go down the drain now. We're going to go out and work hard next week.


Q: How frustrating was it for the defense to continuously have to take the field after the offense not producing?


A: We're not going to sit around and point fingers. The offense couldn't move the ball and score points but it's a team effort and we're all in it as a team.


Q: Are you concerned with all of the anticipation going into the season and how it's gone for Coach McCarney and his job?


A: I have no comments towards that.


Q: Even if it would help Coach McCarney?


A: With the way everything is sounding, I couldn't tell you what's going to go on with that or how it's going to work.

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