Colorado: The Mac Report

Dan McCarney met with members of the local media as he does each and every Monday. Find out what the coach had to say right here in this CN presser report.

Kansas MVP's


Milan Moses was named the offensive MVP from the Kansas game while Shawn Moorehead took the defensive honors.


Injury Report


McCarney said that nothing was new coming out of Saturday on the injury front. He then listed the following players as day-to-day: Todd Blythe, Jon Davis, Stevie Hicks, Tom Schmelling and Jason Scales.


McCarney said that all five players have a chance, but he'd be surprised if they all made it back for the Colorado game.


A Constant Distraction


As you can imagine, all of the talk of jobs and negativity is becoming a distraction to McCarney's football team.


"All of this negativity can almost become overwhelming with these young kids," McCarney said on Monday. "It's a complete distraction. They're emotionally really spent right now. You have a football family and a football team that doesn't care about one another and doesn't care about the coaches and the future and those kinds of things then I don't think it's that big of a deal, but that's not the case here. I think you all are really aware of that. I think it's way too much for these kids. It's not too much for me, it's not too much for my coaches. We'll handle that and we'll answer questions but I don't think it's fair to do that to these kids right now."


The Kids Keep Mac Going


McCarney was adamant on Monday that coaching these young men are what keeps him in this business.


"When you see on a daily basis what they put in and how hard these coaches work. All of the young men in this program and not to have more to show for is very frustrating right now. I'm just so thankful that we've got a couple more games here as a football team in 2006," McCarney said. "I'm going to give them everything that I have and I'm going to try to be the best head coach and leader that I can be."


The Key to the Frustration


One thing that keeps coming up is how well practice has been going. So why isn't that translating into wins? That's a good question and that's what is making this season so frustrating according to McCarney.


"When you've been around as long as I have, you know the difference between a good practice and a bad practice. You know good focus and bad focus. You know players who are genuine and you know phonies," McCarney said.


Hearing the Fans


Dan McCarney has been at Iowa State for 12 seasons now. So when he hears what people are saying about him, what is his reaction?


"I know that's the world we live in now days. Part of it is talk radio, internet, talk TV shows. All of the media coverage especially in this state here," McCarney said. "I appreciate these fans. I love them. I know that they're all as disappointed as I am right now. We want to win here at Iowa State. I don't want to hold any grudges. I'm not mad at them."


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