Instant Reaction: Dienhart Talks McCarney

Tom Deinhart of the Sporting News is one of the most respected college football writers in the nation. Do you want to know what Deinhart thinks about what's going on in Ames right now? Find out here in this exclusive interview.

CN: I personally believe that Dan McCarney is more appreciated on a national standpoint than what he is here locally. In your opinion, how do you think this will look nationally if a coaching change is made at Iowa State?


Deinhart: I think that it would come off negatively. I think you hit the nail on the head. Locally, I'm sure that people who see it every day, they hear spin every day and they want success but nationally, the perception still is that the guy has done a great job. Everybody realizes that it's not a great position to have but he's had this program close to winning the division for two years in a row. To think that was possible at Iowa State 10 or 12 years ago seems almost laughable. He had them at the doorstep. I think nationally, Dan losing his job would be perceived negatively on the part of Iowa State. He's been there this long, he's gotten the program to this level, why not try and get this thing straightened out at least one more year? I guess I think he deserves a mulligan at this point.


CN: In your opinion, is it even possible for a school like Iowa State in Ames, Iowa for a coach to take Iowa State to a level where fans want it to be with BCS bowls and all that jazz?


Deinhart: I think that it's unrealistic to expect that to happen on a consistent basis. I don't think that the size of the town has any impact on how successful a program can be if you look at places like Clemson, Auburn, South Carolina and some of those other places. I think it's more about commitment with money. Every story that I've seen about Big 12 budgets, Iowa State is always among the lowest in the league. Then it gets down to things like tradition that has been established over generations. Some schools are never going to overcome that and will always be second banana, and Iowa State is one of those. But I think with 85 scholarships now I think those types of schools in any conferences still can have that breakthrough year every four or five seasons and maybe actually challenge for a conference title and a BCS bowl. I grew up around Purdue and I never thought I'd see them in the Rose Bowl. They did it so Iowa State and Purdue in a lot of ways are similar. What I'm saying is that it's possible for those second tier BCS programs not to succeed at a high level every year, but even an Iowa State can I think once every four or five seasons, put things together and make a run at a division title and a BCS bowl.


CN: If you were an Iowa State fan, and there was a move made in the next couple of weeks, what type of a coach would you want coming in? Would you rather have a young guy or would you want an older more experience coach in which this would be his last stop?


Deinhart: That's a good question. I remember what Lee Corso always says. He says that when schools let go of one guy, they bring in someone totally opposite of the guy who lost his job. I think there's some truth to that. In that case, I would probably say they'd go for a guy who is younger and energetic who brings a whole new vision to the program. I wouldn't be surprised to see them go in that direction. Personally, I think that I'm inclined to get a guy who is not going to use the job as a stepping stone. A guy who really is committed to being there for a 10 year period, that's how I would go. I wouldn't be surprised if Iowa State goes in the opposite direction and gets a younger guy to energize the program and just really add a little bit us pizzazz to the scheme too.  

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