Instant Reaction: Scott Stephenson

Scott Stephenson has traveled some rough roads on his journey to Ames, Iowa and playing football for Coach McCarney. Find out what this senior had to say after Wednesday night's press conference.

On Coach Mac Not Coming Back…


I don't see why he couldn't have given it another shot. People have their ups and their downs. Coach Mac is having his down as far as how this season has turned out. I'm sure that he'll have no problem finding work at another school given his track record here.


On Playing the Next Two Games…


We're always playing for each other. This game is extra special. It's one of the last two games that we're going to have to play all together.


I also spoke with Scott while the recorder wasn't rolling and he was especially touched by Coach McCarney because of the experience he had while playing at Minnesota.


"He actually cares about his players," Stephenson told me in a Mediacom interview.


Stephenson won't be around for the new coach next season, but he said he'll always be a big fan of the Cyclones and wherever McCarney ends up.


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