Instant Reaction: Milan Moses Quick QA

CN caught up with junior receiver Milan Moses and got a few quick thoughts about the news tonight.

What did like about Coach Mac?


Moses: You never know when Coach Mac is down. He is an energetic guy. Out at practice today he was still on fire. He was the same today as he was the first day I got here when I was a freshman. He never changes, he is always caring. He is always on a high ready to go. He is a great role model and a great person.


Is this one of the toughest losses you have had to deal with?


Moses: Besides dealing with the loss of personal family, this is a tough loss. I consider Coach Mac family. He's been there for me through the thick and the thin. When I was sick he was there for me. Man, wow. Words just can't explain just what he has done for me and my family.


Did anyone ask him why he was stepping down?


Moses: Nobody really asked him that. I guess it was already handled.




I'd like to thank Milan for his time. It was clear this was a difficult situation for all of the players and they understandably weren't real eager to speak with the media.

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