Instant Reaction: Austin Flynn

CN talks with the senior captain about the change at the top of Cyclone football.

Do you get worried when an A.D. stands up and says this is a business at a college?


Flynn: No, because that is just how it is. Money is involved and this is a business. You may think it is just a game, but it really is a business. And that is unfortunate sometimes.


How tough was it to practice after you heard the news?


Flynn: It was tough. We got in our stretching lines and it was dead silence. Usually, everyone is joking around and laughing a little bit. You could just tell that something was just missing. It was just a terrible two and a half hours.


How much does this hurt?


Flynn: As a senior and a captain, you put a lot of blame on yourself. It is a terrible experience for me right now. I feel bad and terrible for all of the assistant coaches and their families and Coach Mac and his family. It is just a tough situation tonight.


What did Coach mean to you?


Flynn: He is a father figure. I have family 16 hours away and coming to play football here, he's the one I look up to. He has always motivated and stayed positive with me even when I was 2-10 in my redshirt freshman quarterback days. He stuck behind me the entire time and that is something I will never forget.


Did you have a feeling this was coming?


Flynn: I really didn't. The only time I had a little doubt in my mind was Sunday at the team meeting. I felt his tone was a little different, a couple of words were a little different. I thought maybe he knew something or they had been talking. I still didn't think it was possible.


Where is this program at?


Flynn: I really don't think it's very good right now. We just lost one of the best head coaches in college football. I just don't see another guy that can come into Ames and recruit the way he did, and raise the money like he did. And bring Iowa State football to somewhat of a national level. I hope I am wrong and I will always root for Iowa State, but I don't think this is the right decision tonight.

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