Instant Reaction: Tyrone McKenzie

Find out what Iowa State linebacker Tyrone McKenzie had to say immediately following Dan McCarney's press conference.

What was the reaction when he told the players today before practice?


McKenzie: It was tough. It's tough seeing coach McCarney leave. He's one of the greatest coaches that I've know he loves what he's doing and

I wish he could have stayed. I wish things could have been better.


Has anyone else insinuated that they might be leaving?


McKenzie: No one has said anything about it. Everyone's just down about what's going on right now.


Does this give you a lot of momentum going into Colorado?  


McKenzie: Yeah it gives everyone momentum. I mean right now we're just getting ready for this game. We only have two more games in the season with Coach Mac.

We're going to play our hearts out for him. He's a great coach.




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