Instant Reaction: Todd Blythe

CN caught up with Iowa State WR Todd Blythe after Wednesday night's press conference. Found out what he had to say right here in this CN Q&A.

Is it hard to think that you technically don't have a coach for next year?


Blythe: Yeah it's really different to think about. I have one more year left and my senior year is going to be with someone new. I've seen these guys six hours a day every day for the last four years. So yeah it's going to be different. It's going to take some getting used to, some adjusting but at the same time we, like everyone else, as players we have to move one and still be as positive about this as we can. Practice helps. Going out to practice and just being able to just be out there with just us and play football. So that will help. We just have to rally around these seniors and around the coaches and as a football team to get things taken care of.


What's Coach Mac been like personally to you?


Blythe: He's been like my Dad up here. I think you could say that about just about everyone on the team. We're around these coaches for six to eight hours every day, six to seven days a week and me for the last four years. Anything that man could do for anybody he does. That's just the type of guy he is, that's just the type of coach he is. He's just been like another father for me up here and it's just going to be tough to see him go. I know he a hell of a coach and he'll go on somewhere and do great things and I'll be cheering him on wherever he is.


Could you feel something like this coming as the losses mounted with all the frustration and all of the build up?


Blythe: You here all the rumors, you here what's going on out there. You wonder what to believe, what not to believe. There's always rumors every season, wining or losing. So you just try to keep that out of your head and just go about your business, go to class, go to practice. Going to class is tough, especially these last couple of weeks just because everyone wants to talk to you. Like what's going on with the team? What's going on with the coaches?...A lot of times you don't have patience for it but that's just part of the job is guess so we have to take that in stride.


You knew something was happening, especially this last week. It felt like things were really coming to a head. Something was going to be happening soon, something was going to be said. I guess this puts all the stories and the rumors to rest.    


I really want to thank Todd and the other players who took their time to talk to us because you could tell how hard it was for them (emotional) and how much they really love this man.


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