Welcome CI Subscribers!

All of us here at Cyclone Nation want to welcome Cyclone Illustrated subscribers to the new home for THE inside word on Iowa State sports.

Cyclone Illustrated will be ceasing publishing online and will no longer print the magazine.

Cyclone Nation has offered to "substitute" our subscriptions for all CI subscribers. We are not purchasing the publication or the website but have offered this service as a good faith gesture for Steve Waters, who wanted to ensure that his fellow Cyclone fans would be "taken care of" after he left.

He's moving on to other things but will not be covering Iowa State Sports after August 30th (though you may see him from time to time on "our" website as a welcome friend).

We have come to this agreement with Steve Waters. We are not competitors and will be working together to make sure that former subscribers of CI are served well. CI Internet subscribers will also be taken care of. We are offering a free month to all of you who have signed up for CI online to ensure you receive uninterrupted service.

Again, Steve Waters wanted us to promise that all of you get what you paid for. We are in the midst of establishing a process that will make this a relatively simple transition for everybody. For more details, please feel free to contact us at CycloneNation@aol.com. All CI online subscribers will get access to our Total Access Pass, free, for one month.

We invite the CI community to move over to Cyclone Nation's message board and site in anticipation of the shutdown of CI so that the community is not disrupted either. A good transition is important, given the season will be in full swing when Steve publishes his last reply and story.

Our first issue of Cyclone Nation is in production and we will be mailing our debut magazine at the end of the month (September issue). We're excited to get your feedback! All current and expired CI subscribers will get a complimentary issue. Expired will need to subscribe after this issue and any subscribers with remaining months on their CI subscription will be "made-good" on their remaining months.

We look forward to expanding the Cyclone Nation with all of your support. If you have any questions, concerns, compliments, or comments please feel free to contact us at CycloneNation@aol.com.

Steve Deace

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