Missouri: The Mac Report

Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney met with the media for his weekly press conference for the last time on Monday. CN was there to cover it. Find out what the coach had to say about his final game and much more here in the Mac Report.

Colorado MVP's


Offensive: Ryan Kock

Defensive: Shawn Moorehead


Injury Report


McCarney said that Jason Scales, Tom Schmelling, Stevie Hicks and Todd Blythe are all day-to-day.


However, Blythe told the media that there was no way in the world that he would miss the final game of Mac's tenure at Iowa State. Plan on Blythe playing. On a side note, Blythe told the media that he's lost 10-12 pounds since the beginning of his illness. He joked that he plans on eating a lot this week.


Blythe Will Remain a Cyclone


The rumor mill has been hot since McCarney resigned last Wednesday, but Todd Blythe put the rumor that he would be leaving Iowa State to an end on Monday.


"I'll be here," Blythe said about next season.


Quote of the Day


When talking about the emotion of his last game and the seniors last game on Saturday, McCarney said, "We all know that there was a lot of emotion at the Alamo and everybody got killed there."


McCarney: "This is not about me"


The theme of Monday's presser was that Saturday's game is not about Dan McCarney, but the 23 seniors taking the field for the last time in an Iowa State uniform.


"This is not about me. It's just not. For those who have never played a game, there is one last time when you pull on that uniform and that is really meaningful," McCarney said.


The Stress Factor


So now that his future at Iowa State is certain, McCarney was asked whether he feels relieved that he knows now what is going to happen. McCarney said, relieved is not the right word.


"Relief is not the right word to be honest with you. I don't feel relieved, I don't feel happy. I'm not jumping up and down. I just think that around the team, at least we know what's going on and what the direction is and that there is one last game for us all to be together," McCarney said.


A Major Distraction


As much as he hates to use the distraction as an excuse, McCarney admitted that everything that happened last week got to his football team.


"I won't put all of it on the distractions and what happened last week, but I think a lot of it was. It's an easy excuse, I won't do that but my heart goes out to these kids and what they've been through," McCarney said.


What's Next?


McCarney said on Monday that he still hasn't been contacted by another school about a coaching job, but he's happy about that.


"Honestly right now, I wouldn't even want to talk to anyone else until this game is over," McCarney said.  "There's a time and a place for that and hopefully the phone will ring a couple of times."


So does that mean that McCarney doesn't want to coach next season? Hardly. People do what they were born to do, for McCarney, that's coaching football.


"I'm going to go coach. I'm going to go try and lead another program," McCarney said. "I'll mow lawns if I have to. I can't sit around. I just can't. I'm not made that way. It goes right back to the house I was raised in. I know I would drive Margy nuts if I wasn't working. Hopefully it will be with a good football program."


Other Notes


When asked about having a ceremony honoring him, McCarney declined but he will deliver a video message to the fans on Saturday.


McCarney also noted that when the new coach is named, he will do anything possible to make the transition easier for the university.







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