CN Hockey Report: Cyclones Sweep Lindenwood

With everything that has happened in Cyclone sports over the past week, it's enough to make your head spin. So if you blinked this weekend, you probably missed the hockey team's spirited contest with little known, but very talented Lindenwood University. The team came away with a weekend split, winning 10-5 Friday and losing 6-1 on Saturday afternoon.

Now I'm sure if you ask the players and Coach Murdoch about the series, they'd tell you it was disappointing. But I may have seen something that they didn't. After splitting with Lindenwood, scoring 11 goals and giving up 11 goals overall, the team might have felt a little bit incomplete. No one likes a tie, but there are some real positives to take out of the series.


If there was any doubt that this team can compete against the best in the nation, it should be put to bed. Lindenwood came in ranked number seven nationally in division one with the Cyclones ranked number six. The series ended up proving to be the match up we all thought it would with two teams so close in the rankings, but it gave me a little more.


I've followed this team for four years, and after this weekend, it is safe to say this is the best team we've had in that time. With a dozen freshman, each of whom contributes in a very different way, seasoned veterans, and a new attitude, this team looks like a winner. It finally has found that mix, but one question remains. Are these the ingredients necessary to take this team to the next level?


The answer, in my opinion, is yes. With the best recruiting class in years and proven veteran players, this team is for real. This team has some people around Ames buzzing.


You can't open the Iowa State Daily without seeing at least something in there about the hockey team. Turn on ISUtv and there is "The Al Murdoch Show." Tune into KASI on Sunday mornings and Mel Crippen and Coach Murdoch are giving you "Cyclone Hockey Talk." Why all this attention?


The answer is it's the best hockey being played in Ames, Iowa since 2001-2002. That was the season the Cyclones took the Central States Collegiate Hockey League championship and went deep in the national tournament. The boys in the Cardinal and Gold jerseys are making waves being heard all throughout the nation.


This team is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Coach Murdoch just collected his 860th win last Friday. He is one of the all-time winningest coaches in college hockey, period, NCAA or otherwise. He is the winningest coach in the ACHA. They even named the national championship hardware after him.


So where have you been? In the middle of a horrid football season, you can take a vacation. Watch some of the finest college hockey players at this level play the game with unrivaled passion. These kids play to win. These coaches coach them to win. And the folks who have been showing up all season have been watching them win.


They currently sit at 11-3-1 on the season. They have beaten some great teams this year. If this past weekend was any indication, this team has that swagger. Don't confuse it with being cocky or over-confident. The players just show up to the rink for every game knowing they can win. When this team is on its game, there is no one who can touch them. You couldn't say that about the other teams that we've had in my college career.


It's been nearly 15 years since Coach Murdoch and the Cyclones were able to hoist the Cup. You ask the coaches and players how much it would mean to bring back that trophy to a championship starved university, their eyes light up. Every player I have talked to say they will settle for nothing less than the ACHA National Title. Now that's something you don't see often at ISU.


No one gives any of our teams a chance to win. But they haven't seen our hockey team. They aren't just outstanding student-athletes, they are good people. These are the kind of kids you want to root for. These guys are no underdog, they might not be the favorite, but they are definitely contenders. There's plenty of room on this bandwagon.



The Cyclones travel to the Detroit area to take on #17 Eastern Michigan in a match up of CSCHL rivals. The Clones swept the EMU Eagles last year at Ames/ISU Ice Arena. Over Thanksgiving break they travel to Fargo, ND to play the North Dakota State Bison who the Cyclones have already played and swept this season. Player of the Week for Nov. 3-4 against Iowa was freshman Peter Majkozak of White Bear Lake, MN. Majkozak and junior Jayson Peterson of Bemidji, MN are tied for team lead in goals and are among the national leaders with 14 each. Jason Brown remains atop the team lead in Points. The next home game for the Cyclones is December 1st and 2nd at Ames/ISU Ice Arena against the #5 Ohio Bobcats.


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