Rocky Mountain "CY"

There were many sightings of the Cardinal and Gold in Colorado this past weekend. The Cyclone Gridiron Club headed to the Rockies' by way of Amtrak to see the game and spend time with fellow ISU fans. Expectations for the game were not met, but the game did not keep the ISU fans from having a terrific time enjoying the Denver and Boulder areas.

The group pulled out of the Osceola Amtrak station at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday and returned on Monday.  CGC makes this trip open to the public and it was a great time to spend with fellow fans.  A scenic bus trip delivered the group to beautiful Boulder on game day…we are talking sunshine, temperatures in the 60's, and mountains in the background. The group made many friends in the Lo Do (Lower Downtown Denver) area and were able to watch ISU men's basketball games at an area sports bar.  They also viewed and cheered on Sage Rosenfelds and Seneca Wallace (former ISU Quarterbacks) to NFL victories.  There was great shopping, eating and socializing in the area.  

It's a unique time in Cyclone history.  We are facing the sadness of an end to an era.  But there is also excitement and new expectations for Cyclones. It's a great time for the fan base to support the football program.  It is a great time to get involved with Cyclone football and join the Cyclone Gridiron Club!  Be a part of the next chapter. 

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