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On Wednesday night, the Iowa State basketball coaches picked up the commitment from who is likely the final member of the class of 2007. Find out who and get the scoop from his parents just minutes after the big decision right here at


On Wednesday night, the Iowa State basketball coaches picked up a verbal commitment from Charles Boozer, a 6'3 combo-guard out of Raleigh, NC. Boozer was flown in on a red-eye flight Tuesday night to Ames and made his commitment in the middle of the women's basketball game against Cal-State Fullerton on Wednesday evening.


"I'm so proud of him. Charles has worked so hard to get himself to a high major," said Boozer's mother Renee. "We think that Iowa State is the best fit for him."


Boozer is the younger brother of former Duke standout and current member of the Utah Jazz, Carlos Boozer. That's one of the reasons why Boozer chose Iowa State, to get the NBA.


"It's a program that I'm sure I could make it to the NBA out of. That's every guy's dream in basketball. I feel like they would give me a good chance to do that," Boozer told CN last Friday.


Boozer also told CN that he's followed the Iowa State program for some time.


"I've been following Iowa State for a long time, ever since Nick Collison was thinking about going there. Then Marcus Fizer and Jamaal Tinsley went there. They both went to the NBA," Boozer said.


His parents agree that Iowa State will open up a lot of doors for their son.


"It's a good avenue to get him where he wants to go," Renee said. "I think it's the best fit for Charles."


Not only were Boozer's parents excited about Iowa State, they were even more excited about their son being in the Big 12.


"If you look at it, he's playing in the Big 12. How else better could he get himself ready for the NBA?"


Boozer's parents said that Carlos hadn't heard the news yet, but they knew he would be excited for his little brother.


"We haven't talked to him yet. Carlos Jr. is the next person we're going to call," Renee said.


The Boozer's also pointed out that their son might be heading north quite a bit for the rest of the basketball season.


"Every game that he doesn't have practice or a day off, you know he's going there," the Boozer's laughed. "It's perfect, the whole thing is perfect."


Boozer chose Iowa State over offers from Pepperdine and Loyola-Chicago.


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