Brackins Drops 28 in One Half of Basketball

Iowa State 2007 commitment Craig Brackins went absolutely crazy on Wednesday night when the Brewster Academy beat the Lee Academy by a score of 114-73 in Brewster's first home game of the season. Find out why Brewster coach Jason Smith called this one of the best halves in the history of Brewster basketball, right here at CN.

Were you questioning if Craig Brackins was for real? If so, check out this stat. Brackins had 28 points and six 3-pointers in Brewster's first half on Wednesday night against the Lee Academy, a performance which head coach Jason Smith said was one of the best he'd ever seen.


"In the first half, I'd be willing to say that Craig Brackins had one of the best 20 minutes that I've seen in our gym in my seven years at Brewster," Smith told CN on Wednesday night after the game.


Brewster led 66 to 33 at the half, which limited Brackins' playing time in the second half, leaving the Iowa State commit with 32 points on the night.


The Lee Academy was no cupcake either according to Smith.


"Lee Academy, in the national pre-season prep poll I think they were the number 10 team," Smith said. "They have a 7'1 kid from Poland who is pretty highly regarded and with all do respect to him, it was a complete mismatch. Craig was able to take it outside and take him off the dribble."


So how did Brackins handle the success? He hit the books.


"He was his normal Craig Brackins self. He was happy with the win and heading to study hall," Smith said.

Though he's only coached him in three games, Smith said that Brackins is something special.


"The sky is the limit for Craig. There's no doubt about it. I've been extremely fortunate and blessed to have some talented players over the years here at Brewster, but without question, Craig Brackins is one of the best, if not the best."

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