The Mac Report: Mac's Last Stand

After Iowa State's 21-16 season ending victory over Missouri on Saturday afternoon, Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney met with members of the local media for the final time. Find out what the coach had to say here in the final edition of the Mac Report.


It's all about the 23 seniors


"This was all for these 23 seniors. I talked about it all week long. I think every kid and every coach on our team believed in that and they coached for those kids.... It was a great scene in the locker room. As I walk off into the sunset at the end of my Iowa State career I just have endless respect and endless love for those young men and my coaches here at Iowa State.....Today was all about the character and the chemistry and the resolve of this football team and I'm really really proud of my guys."


What was the turning point in the game?


"I didn't really see one play...We had energy, we had juice, we had emotion, we had passion, we had toughness. This has been a real long year. No open weeks. Nine bowl teams, as we all know. The kids haven't really had a chance to catch their breath all year. It's not an excuse. Why would I make something now? I'm done....Somehow, some way these kids just reached down for more and they got more."


What went through your mind when Shawn Moorehead had the sack to seal the victory?


"My mom, who's not with us anymore and it went right to my family and then it went right to those 23 seniors, in that order. Because I know Mom was watching over us and she might even influenced the official to throw that flag on that fourth down play."


Mac on Ryan Kock, who had 179 yards rushing and two touchdowns today.


"He did a marvelous job. It's pretty amazing when you go to a most valuable player award and we didn't have a great year, obviously. But he just ran away with it. It was three to one in voting that Ryan Kock got. Maybe that's why he was a little bit more motivated to go be an MVP, which he was.

All those yards and touchdowns but I'm just really proud of him. He has left a great legacy here at Iowa State."


Mac on spending time thinking about what he has meant to the program.


"I don't spend too much time on it. I know this much, Margie and I and my kids and my family, we've just taken so much more from Iowa State than we could have ever given.....I sure would have liked to win more games over the last 12 years. Believe me I would have loved to, but I just don't know if I could have taken much more coming out of here. It's just been a phenomenal experience."   


What Mac is most proud of that he has done at Iowa State.


"We made Iowa State Football important again (gets real emotional). People care about Iowa State Football again. When you raise expectations and have success they (the fans) expect it (consistent winning), that's the way it should be and that's what I wanted to do."

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