Missouri Post Game: Austin Flynn

Austin Flynn talks to CN about his final game in a Cyclone uniform.


How did that feel when Ryan Kock plowed you over on his way to the end zone?


Flynn: He kind of tweaked my ankle again because he kind of caught me off guard, but I'll take that hit any day as long as it's a touchdown.


So you didn't see Kock coming?


Flynn: No. I saw him at the last second and I tried to move real quick and it didn't happen. So he moved me.


What happened to him today? Did he eat something this morning?


Flynn: Yeah I put a little something in his Rice Crispy Treats this morning, in his cereal. He was a little possessed today so I'll take a lot of credit for that. You might as well put that on my shoulders.


How much of that extra effort was in Mac's behalf?


Flynn: Everything. In mean you could see it in Kock. Every senior was playing for him. I know he has been stressing putting it on the seniors, but we put a lot of emphasis, epically with us seniors on putting everything we had, all the emotion towards him and his last game too.



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