Missouri Post Game: Shawn Moorehead

Moorehead had the game winning sack that propelled his team to victory but also gave him the Iowa State all-time sack record at 18 ½ and single season record with 8 ½.

What was it like getting that last sack and getting the record?


Moorehead: It wasn't even really about the sack, just winning the game was an amazing feeling.


Did it seem like that last play took forever?


Moorehead: Yeah it did seem like it took forever. That holding penalty, that play before, was just a miracle. Being able to have another shot at it was great and to come out with a win. It's great to go out like that as a senior.


What did you do on that sack? Was that some kind of a Seneca Wallace run?


Moorehead: We had a game, Curvey and I. I was going to rap around to the inside and there was good coverage in the backfield so that the quarterback started scrambling a little bit. I believe Curvey and Braaksma flushed him out to the middle and I looped back in and I got it.




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